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Westminster Dog Show Begins at 8 PM EST in Madison Square Gardens

Westminster Dog Show begins at 8 PM EST in Madison Square Gardens.  Forget about the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 and the Olympics – dog lovers everywhere are excited about the Westminster Dog Show.  This is where all of the best dogs in the nation compete for a very prestigious award.

The competition will include 2,500 dogs and will take 2 days to complete.  The “best in show” – the highest honor – will be awarded by 11 pm tomorrow, February 16th.

Preparations for the dog show are taking place.  New York City boasts ample places for owners to pamper their four legged friends before the big competition.  Pet friendly hotels and dog spas are all booked, as everyone is making final preparations.

Last year, a 10 year old Sussex Spaniel won “best in show.”  His name was stump.  It will be interesting to see who is “best in show” at the Westminster Dog Show this year.

There will be competitions among 173 dog breeds, including three new breeds: Pyrenean Shepherds, Norwegian Buhunds, and Irish Red and White Setters.

 Tune in to the Westminster Dog show if you love dogs.  You won’t be disappointed, as many beautiful canines will parade for you.

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