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Nodar Kumaritashvili Crash Video – Luger Scared of Track

Nodar Kumaritashvili crash video – luger scared of track.  Nodar Kumaritasvili went down in Olympic history, but not in the way he had intended when he headed to Vancouver for the Olympics.  He died after crashing during the training at the Whistler track on Friday.

The Whistler track has long been hailed as dangerous.  The Luging federation recommends only 85 mph as top speeds for the luge. However, some competitors were clocking 96 mph on the Whistler track during training.

Some fellow lugers feel that Kumaritashvili’s inexperience was to blame for his death.  The federation even said that the death was caused by human error.

However, officials have lowered the start and have padded the metal beams that played a role in the death.  If the death were really because of complete human error, it wouldn’t seem as if they would take these measures.

Some fellow racers have been criticized as insensitive.  A Canadian racer complained that the home advantage was basically gone, and a German racer that competed on the track last year said the women’s race is now a “kids race” after the changes that were made.

You can view the Nodar Kumaritashvili death video HERE.  What do you think – was it his fault, or the track or the combination of the two?

    5 Responses to “Nodar Kumaritashvili Crash Video – Luger Scared of Track”

    1. Rachel J. Madison says:

      Of course the track was the problem, not Nodar’s “inexperience.” The excuse that federation officials are making safety changes now (such as the lower start location, walls to contain the sled at turn 16, etc.) for “emotional” reasons for the athletes is laughable. That Canada restricted access to other countries’ teams for a home-town advantage is unspeakable. This prevented other athletes from becoming sufficiently familiar with the track’s hazards. No sportsman should die for a performance error or mistake in course calculation. Unless the COC and IOC stops hiding behind lame excuses, and admits the truth to Nodar’s family, there will be no honor to these Games or to any Canadian medals won in events at this track.

    2. derek says:

      i cannot believe the lack of understandig what going at these speeds means. it’s about simple physics. let’s all ride around in bunny carts if you don’t want to get hurt.come on.

    3. shanna says:

      I feel that the lack of experience on the high speed tracks are to blame… However I do feel that the Olymopic commitee should have taken more percation when it came to the 16th turn and the lack of protection in case a luger came out of the track. I feel that all the luger that have been injured on this track also should have taken more time to pratice on a higher speed track. If the Candians and Americans have not had any issues is a clear indication that the track isnt to blame it is the inexperience on a higher speed track… This is the Olympics after all and no one ever indicated this is going to be easy. The athletes need to be more prepared for a higher level of difficulty and if you develop a fear you have 2 choices… get over the fear before returning or take a chance that the fear will not over take your experience causing injury or even death. The Olympics are all about being the best in the world… For Lugers this means preparing for the most difficult track you have raced.

      • cc2010 says:

        I think it’s a combination of both the track being too difficult and fast for the curretn lugers, and the lack of experience on those types of tracks. The Committee needed to excpect the unexpected; since they didn’t, someone died because they overlooked it. Also, the luger called his dad saying he was scared of the track! So, he made a choice to get over his fear and go down one of the fastest tracks in the world, which killed him… So human instinct was telling him not to go down, which we all know ended tragically.

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