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Olympic Death Luge Video YouTube and Nodar Kumaritashvili Updates

Olympic death luge video YouTube and Nodar Kumaritashvili update. The Olympic death luge video will continue to be a viral internet video until the Olympics are long gone.  The video was pulled from YouTube because of a “copyright claim”, although there are plenty of news networks that had coverage of the incident, and have posted the video online.

Nodar Kumaritashvili’s death took place on the Whistler track at the Vancouver winter games.  He was a very experienced luger, and was hoping to make his first Olympic appearance.

New coverage has indicated that Kumaritashvili told his father that he was “scared” of the track.  His dad told him to put his feet down to slow himself if he was scared.

His father says his son is brave, and started the track once he finished.

The death has caused a lot of controversy.  Olympic officials have claimed that the death was due to “human error”, although the track has been criticized as too fast.  Recommended speeds are typically 85 mph or less, but the Whistler track has clocked speeds of 96 mph.

The luge competition will go on, but people are still outraged over the death. This young bright athlete died well before his time.


    16 Responses to “Olympic Death Luge Video YouTube and Nodar Kumaritashvili Updates”

    1. katie gonatas says:

      why won’t you show the video of the olympic athliet who died a few days ago the world should know what could happen i am very upset

    2. katie gonatas says:

      Never mind i saw it and now i know why his father did not want to see it. It is very disturbing

    3. bill says:

      Whatever! Your right the world should.Your wrong for changing your mind.It was a public event and therefore should be treated that way.For one example go view any dale earnhardt “death” crash video and get over your self righteous self!

    4. dj says:

      they shold make special medal for him. My prayers go to the family

      • joey says:

        why should he get a medal he didnt do anything except die while training…

        • trina says:

          you are a selfish sick piece of, what makes you think he did nothing when by dying that way it gave them the inclination of a problem with the track that has been fixed. If anything he could be known as a hero for potentially saving lives without even knowing himself. anyone who leaves a comment like you did joey…I hope someone finds you and shoots you in the fuc.ken head. you self centered as.shole

      • cameron, godddamn says:

        noooo medal, i agreee with joey. The video says it all, he came up that last wall too hight and came down onto the oppostite wall crunch enough to launch him right up into that f-ckin beam. i see it as a really extreme example of “ happens”, as harsh as that may sound. these athletes know what they are getting into when they sit down at the top of the course. i agree though, even tho i don’t pray, my prayers go out to the family… and btw ive been thinking about how, like, INSANE this accident really was, to the point where the resst of the athletes must have it in the back of their minds, i wonder how much this has affected the athletes.

    5. Lanie says:

      A special medal for him is appropriate. WHY didn’t they pad those columns or something…. ANY engineer in his right mind would have done that… or made a wall they couldn’t go over somehow. WOW

    6. Jake says:

      Xbox pwns PStriple prove me wrong also bluray sux

    7. Tom Ace says:

      “why should he get a medal he didnt do anything except die while training…”

      I agree with this, rewards should be earned, not given out like candy to make people feel better

      • puppy says:

        why are you so mean, try to be a little bit sensitive, it was not his fault. they should have made tht track safer, thy should have known, 12 people crashed b 4 him, STUPID PEOPLE!! he was only 21 , R.I.P NOdar!!!

    8. Nate says:

      This ia a terrible accident that could have been prevented if the engineer would have had a little common sense. All they needed to have was netting on the sides coming out of every corner, it would absorb the impact and keep them on track, why didn’t they think of that. My prayers go out to the family.

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