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Track Map Tropical Storm Fay

We are going to track and map the tropical storm Fay until it blows over. Right now, according to the latest sources tropical storm Fay is heading towards Cuba.

Also, severe weather over the Dominican Republic has further strengthened and multiplied its devastating effect, according to US weather forecasts.

To give you an idea about how powerful this storm is, the winds are blowing at the speed of 40 miles an hour. (About 65km/hr)

Cuba is not the only one that might face the brunt, Haiti is also in line to be severely spanked by the pwoerful winds and lashing rains.

Statisticians among you will appreciate knowing that Fay is the sixth tropical storm of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season.

Historians among you will recall that so far only two of the tropical storms, Bertha and Dolly, have reached hurricane strength – with winds of at least 119km/h.

Here in New York also there is severe weather warning, with hailstorms hitting us any moment now. Remember to park your car somewhere safe. You definitely do not need a cracked windshield to lighten your pocket by another couple of hundred bucks.

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