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Snow in All 50 States? A Big Historical Weather Event Could Occur

Snow in all 50 states? A big historical weather event could occur, and there could be snow on the ground in all 50 states.  States such as Alaska are used to snow, and it’s not all that surprising to hear that Alaska, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin will have snow on the ground in the  middle of February – but what about Hawaii?

Yes, even the tropical island paradise of Hawaii will have snow on the ground.

Well – you have to remember that Hawaii has tall volcanos.  These have snow on the very tops of them.

It’s not like there  is going to be a wide sweep of snow that pummels the entire country.  It’s that there’s an individual out there collecting photos of snow on the ground in all 50 states, and then arranging them for people to see.

Snow is very exciting for those in the south and those in areas that aren’t used to seeing the fluffy white stuff. For others in northern areas, the prospect of seeing snow in the entire country isn’t as exciting.

Is there snow in your area? Do you live in one of those places where snow is an annual event, or do you live somewhere that gets it almost daily for months out of the year?

Will you download the pictures of snow in all 50 states, or do you think that the project is a big waste of time?

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    1. Tom Geballe says:

      For Hawaii’s snow (only a little so far this winter), see

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