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Tips For a Glamorous Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one day during the year when you will want to impress the special person in your life. How far do you need to go to look beautiful for your sweetie though? Here are some tips for a glamorous Valentine’s Day.

Eyebrow Wax

There’s nothing wrong with plucking your eyebrows, but you don’t get that beautiful look that comes with waxing. Whether you’re going out or staying in, an eyebrow wax will make you feel beautiful this Valentine’s Day. Be sure to get your eyebrows waxed two to three days before Valentine’s Day, or your eyebrow area is going to look red and puffy.

Bikini Wax

It is likely that your Valentine’s Day will lead to extra romanticizing. It is a good idea to think about getting a bikini wax for this special day. Although most people will admit that bikini waxes are not the most comfortable experience, many do not find them to be any more painful than eyebrow waxing. Note that you must have about 1/4” of hair grown in order to get a wax, however. Be sure to go for your bikini wax at least two days before Valentine’s Day so that your skin won’t be irritated on the night of.


Depending on what you are planning to do for Valentine’s Day, it is ideal to glam yourself up by choosing the best outfit you own. Something a little bit shorter and a little bit lower cut than what you would normally wear is ideal. Whether you are wearing a little black dress or a gorgeous shirt with a pair of jeans that make your butt look gorgeous, it is important to put some thought into your Valentine’s Day outfit. Most will also find that this is the one day of the year when they may want to throw on a pair of heels!


Remember the difference between nighttime and daytime makeup. If you are going out to a club, it is appropriate to do a smoky eye look with dark or bright colors, heavy eyeliner, and a bold lipstick color. Most people will be going out to dinner and perhaps a movie for Valentine’s Day, however. This is when it is best to wear daytime makeup. The goal is to look more natural, by choosing colors like browns and lavenders. Don’t go too heavy on the eyeshadow and consider a natural shade of lip gloss. Keep in mind that your Valentine loves you for you, so there’s no need to cake the makeup on!

These are just a few of the things that you will want to keep in mind when trying to glam yourself up this Valentine’s Day! Ultimately, remember that the person you are sharing this special day with should love you for who you are. While you want to impress them, there is no reason to do anything too extraordinary, as you don’t want them to forget who they are spending Valentine’s Day with!

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