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Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Avoids Controversial Dialog…Kind of (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad avoids controversial dialog…sort of. Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad was sponsored by Focus on the Family.  The message was said to be a pro-life message and was expected to be controversial. Only, the ad wasn’t much more than a way to get people on to the Focus on the Family Web site.

If you didn’t take the bait and visit the Focus on the Family Web site, then the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad wasn’t all that controversial.  However, “the rest of the story” was present on their site, and many pro-choice activists were a little worked up.

Tim Tebow was born after his mother contracted amoebic dysentery.  She was told that he would die before birth, so she might consider having an abortion.  She refused, and Tim was born.

Now, had she listened to the doctors, her son may not have been alive today.  That is the message behind Tim Tebow’s pro-life message.  However, pro-choice activists don’t feel that one particular story should be made into an argument.

So while Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl commercial was far from the funniest or most creative, it may have very well been the most successful campaign.  After all, who’s going to go out and buy a bag of Doritos because they seen some dog put a shock collar on a man and run off with his bag?

Definitely not as many people as went to the ir computer to see what the Focus on the Family Web site was all about.

    10 Responses to “Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Avoids Controversial Dialog…Kind of (VIDEO)”

    1. Samantha says:

      People told me even before the Superbowl that I was getting worked up over this ad, I knew from the beginning that they wont come out saying “choose life!” but, it still got my upset to know that CBS chose a side whether they will admit it or not. I mean Tim Tebow is a big openly christian person, and Focus on The Family is a conservative christian group, that is pro-life and trying to overturn roe v. wade. They have a hidden agenda like everyone else does. And behind their sappy ad, their hidden agenda came out on Focus on The Families website. What they really wanted to say is on the website, and I knew it was coming cause I know people like them, and I know what their trying to do, their trying to stop women from being able to chose whats best for them. This is a direct quote from Bob Tebow when the interviewer asked what would you say to a women who wasnt sure what to do if she was pregnant, and didnt know whether to keep the baby or not? “God loves you, and God loves your baby, theres lot of people that will help you… dont kill your baby.” That last part really upset me, they have no right to say that to a women, because its our choose and nobody elses! I dont apperciate your religious remark, and the “dont kill you baby” remark. So for all the people who said that the ad wasnt a really big deal… it is to me!!!

      • Ken says:

        I don’t know where you get off saying YOU have the only right to decide. You ain’t too smart if you think YOU outrank the father and the child. In the worst case senario, it should be a vote. The poor baby still dies if the the father is also totally self centered like you are and wants to get his for free whatever the results. I don’t blame you totally, as you obviously didn’t have very good parents or maybe only one parent so you have no positive influence in you life whatsoever. I feel sooo sorry for you !

        • Net says:

          I totally agree with you..and if the ad had nothin to do with his background some decision yu made personally mayb give the life of ur baby up made u think about the ad in that way n feel u had to down play it..dont dislike people for their beliefs…just dislike the belief…although u should have respect for the belief and talk negative about it …I believ whole heartly in what Tim are killin the child on your own…yes u r the one that has to carry it n deal with the issues tht come along with the child but it should be a well thought out plan with u n the father…becuase when u take a life it haunts u..n i feel that is wat is goin on with you right now..u are bein haunted not by wat Tim said but your own inner being. I dont dislike you for ur thoughts and opinions but u aimed to attack a guy for no tru reason the 30 second ad did not advocate “not killing children”..just take things into prospective n hopefully one day u will be open to pro life..n please dont shoot down the christians we have strong beliefs just as anyone else but the question is y do we get attacked so much for what we believe? n the answer is becaz deep down u know it to be true. To Samantha …I agree with Ken

      • GladmyMomLetMeLive says:

        Too bad you had to get so worked up Samantha. Just think, if your Mother had chosen to kill you in the womb you wouldn’t have to be bothered with all this nonsence about protecting the unborn. Oh, but that’s right, you got to live, sorry about that.

      • SuSa1979 says:

        Well, I guess the pulbic has no right to expect decent superbowl adds. Only half naked women/men promoting various family freindly products such as BEER have the right to purchase air time during the Super Bowl. Were you equally offended by the scantly dressed women of the GoDaddy ad? Or did you even watch for fear your mind maybe tainted by Tim Tebow’s ad and your conscience may wake up?

        And then thank your Mother for allowing you to live.

      • Jackie says:

        I wonder if you actually researched what you preached, would you still feel the same way. I’m pro-choice, but no longer ingnorantly so. I don’t pretend that abortion is nothing more than a choice that liberates women without any kind of consequence. I don’t pretend that Planned Parenthood is a family planning center. Ask yourself, are they not running a business? What is that business, what procedure gives them the most profit? That would be abortion, next to contraceptives, that gives them the most profit. If helping women choose to start a family was a business that gave them $ they would change their agenda in a heartbeat. Don’t forget either, even thought they can feed you the story that the baby inside you is nothing but a fetus, it is a baby, that kicks and punches and gets the hiccups. It can hear you and knows your voice and loves you. So for a woman to have an abortion while the baby can be viable…is that the woman’s choice…what about the baby’s choice to live? Because he has no voice, he automatically simply has to die. If you stuck a syringe into a newborns heart would it not be murder…well guess what, that is what happens to babies that are partial birth abortion victims, babies that could have been born prematurely and survived, babies that were only victimized because they were still in utero. Any other abortion that is not in the first trimester, where the baby is simply not viable without the mother’s help, is completely unjustified. If a woman failed to make ‘her choice’ then, she simply has to deal with the consequences of her late reaction. And even then, she always has the choice to opt out through adoption.

        Understand this very clearly. A woman’s choice is to be strong, to overcome, and persevere. A women’s choice that is ‘a way out’ should hardly be celebrated. Abortion has been advertised like that in this country, shouldn’t it be the choice to not die due to a pregnancy that can kill you be what is celebrated, shouldn’t it just be that kind of procedure? I suppose for the sake of true liberty, abortions in the 1st trimester would still exist too. For Planned Parenthood and any abortion clinic to say, yes, we understand that you’re much to flaky to deal with the radical life changing event of being a mother….now that’s bs. If they really wanted to empower us we would have the choice to become mothers if we wanted to or need to, it would be universally understood that a child never stops a woman from achieving anything…because in reality, they don’t. Even the lack of resources don’t. If you know so little about motherhood, you’ve believed what abortionist want you to believe too long. I believed that until I became a mother, and until this Presidential campaign made me reconsider what I had believed about abortion. I never felt so gut wrenchingly stupid. And I’m not a happy stay at home mom. I considered abortion, it wasn’t a choice for me, one that I could live being proud of, so now I am proud of my son and even though I have to fight really hard to make sure we both have a good life, and to still meet my own personal goals, I laugh at the thought that my child made me vulnerable. I never really believed I could be this strong and you know what? My friends admire me, I never thought I was anyone to be admired, but I’m looked up to because they see what I have achieved.

    2. Cyn Stern says:

      Yes, she DID have an infection. But my understanding is that she ALSO had a potentially life-threatening problem with her placenta. Her decision to not treat the problem and to carry on with the pregnancy was HER CHOICE. And isn’t that what “Pro-Choice” is all about?

      On a related subject: Mrs. Duggar’s last child was taken from her womb VERY prematurely in order to save her mother’s life (while also giving the child a chance [but probably not all that good of a chance] to live), and I’m not sure that all Fundamentalists / Catholics / other strict Pro-Lifers would have made THAT choice, on religious grounds. But that’s the point: Doctors give advice, and patients choose to take that advice…or not. I feel that religion should guide–but never force–personal choices…particularly on that portion of the population that is not religious. That’s what “choice” is all about!

    3. SuSa1979 says:

      Well, I guess the pulbic has no right to expect decent superbowl adds. Only half naked women/men promoting various family freindly products such as BEER have the right to purchase air time during the Super Bowl. Were you equally offended by the scantly dressed women of the GoDaddy ad? Or did you even watch for fear your mind maybe tainted by Tim Tebow’s ad and your conscience may wake up?

      And then thank your Mother for allowing you to live.

    4. Choice? says:

      You want choice? What about the choice of the unborn baby? Shouldn’t he or she have the right to say what will be done to his or her body? If you want choice,then make the right choice to protect yourself before having sex. I understand that there are other circumstances out there, but far too many lives are taken for the sole reason that a man and a woman CHOSE not to protect themselves and wound up pregnant!


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