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Bachna Ae Haseeno – First Review

Well I have seen it, the most awaited movie of the year. I caught the midnight premier of the movie and it was FABULOUS !!!

Siddharth Anand has a good script at hand. It is a movie Yashraj always made and THANK GOD they have not experimented. Now what all you people have been waiting for – the STORY.

The movie begins with Ranbir Kapoor burning the dance floor with the sizzling hot Deepika Padukone, Bipasha Basu and Minnissha Lamba to the classic number “bachna ae haseeno”. Then we have the very first shot of Ranbir Kapoor in Sydney recounting the story of his life thusfar. Cut to 1996 when 18 year old Raj (Ranbir) goes on a euro-rail holiday to Europe with his friends after finishing school more for the imported girls than the “imported cows, imported grass and imported mountains”.

He meets the very cute Mahi (Minnissha Lamba) who is holidaying with friends and family and waiting for her “RAJ” (typical Dilwale Dulhaniya le Jayange style). And then after it is very much like DDLJ but then comes the twist in the tale. Mahi find out that Raj was just playing with her emotions and nothing more. Then we move to 2002 in Mumbai where Raj meets the very hot model Radhika (Bipasha Basu) who is from a small town and his neighbor.

They share  a live in relationship and then Raj has to leave for Sydney. He deserts Radhika on the wedding day and scares her for life. But then in Sydney when he meets Gayatri (Deepika Padukone), a B-student who works as a cabbie and at the grocerry, he falls head over heels for her. But then it is time for Gayatri to desert Raj and it is then when he realizes how it feels to break anyone’s heart and he is filled with remorse. But the film doesnt end here…”picture abhi baki hai mere dost”. Raj then goes on a mission to rectify his wrongs and reaches India following up on Mahi and Radhika to beg for their forgiveness. How he does that is the main attraction of the second half. You’ll have to go to the theatre to watch it.

If it sounds like the same old stuff then I must assure you it is the direction that matters here. Siddharth Anand has managed to pack enough punch in every scene and has teamed it up with some beautiful performances. Bipasha Basu is the hottest beauty in Bollywood today. She has come up with a superb performance and has got the moves to match with it. Minisshha is the cute hottie in the first half and a housewife in the second half but with a smoldering chemistry with her beau (and who he is will be a pleasent surprise). And Deepika and Ranbir’s pair is just superb. They are so natural on screen and they look just perfect together.

You are so involved in their lives thatby the end you will be praying that they get to be together. Their kiss at the end is the icing on their romance. But then Ranbir gets to kiss the other two actresses too. And believe me they are just as innocent (with minnissha) and sizzling (with Bipasha). The music by Vishal and Shekhar is excellent. The lyrics are very good too. The cinematography is superb and the locations breathtaking.

All I can say is that this is really one movie which you aill be watching again just because you will be able to identify with the characters. Raj, Sachin (his smart speaking partner in crime) look real. Mahi, Radhika and Gayatri are the face of today’s women. Nothing is over the top. Nad the best part is that everyone had played their part well. Especially the sctor who is Minnissha’s beau in the second half. This is a good movie and will be liked by all.

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