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Super Bowl Half Time and Score Update

Super Bowl half time and score update.  Super Bowl XLIV between the Colts and the Saints is taking place.  Now, it’s half time and the Super Bowl score favors the Colts, 10 to 6 meaning that the wins can go either way.

The Super Bowl currently is being won by the Colts, but with the close score you can see that anything can happen.  Two of the hottest stars of the game are of course Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush, both of whom have had great plays.

The Colts dominated the first quarter, but the Saints did better in the second, picking up 143 yards as opposed to the Colt’s 15 yards.  The Colts did not score, whereas the Saints picked up a field goal.

So, the Saints are one touchdown away from dominating the game. Like has been said before – anything can happen!

The Halftime show is airing now, featuring the Who.  The halftime show is one of the most popular parts of the Super Bowl.

    7 Responses to “Super Bowl Half Time and Score Update”

    1. Jean says:

      4th qtr, Colts 17 and Saints 16, Colts being held by Saints but kicked a field goal attempt to the left. Saints moving the ball 8:44 left, big catch on the 38yrd line, Saints moving the ball!

    2. Jean says:

      Saints TD and get a spectacular 2pt conversion. Saints 24 and Colts 17. Manning on the field Moving the ball but almost intercepted by Saints. Colts get 1st on the 36…

    3. Jean says:

      Wow, Saints pick it off, 78 yrd return, Saints 31 … Colts just 17… That had to hurt! 3:09 left in the game

    4. ron says:

      anyone noticed an audio problem in the who half time concert? can anyone explain what was the problem?

    5. M says:

      Pete is deaf – so he must have forgotten to turn the volume up!


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