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BlizzCon 2008 Sold Out

Is BlizzCon 2008 Sold Out? Thats the question on the minds of many gamers and Blizzard/WOW aficionados out there.

Many of us who wanted to buy the BluzzCon ticket have through tumultuous days which were marked by constantly hitting on f5 to refresh the page, HTML CSS errors and the ever dreaded Fail Murloc. Either way you look at it, I think the wait is all we can do. I have heard from multiple sites that the BlizzCon tickets are already sold out!

Where and how can they be sold out is the question that many have on their mind, especially the hard core gamers because we have been doing the equivalent of camping outside the gates for tickets, so that the moment they open we can get our fair share.

But this has definitely been a disappointment. Many are going to send a backlash now. Poor planning, low quality servers, many too many visitors on the site at any given time, combination and permutation of these, so much so that I came across gamers who spent 36 to 48 hrs trying desperately to buy a ticket but getting disappointed.

Just wondering who has been able to get a ticket and how did they manage it.

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