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Jonas Brothers Live Chat

Jonas Brothers Live Chat is happening and drawing huge crowds. It is available live on The chat for originally scheduled for august 12th.

Did you guys have a chance to check it out yet.

What do you make out of it.

    7 Responses to “Jonas Brothers Live Chat”

    1. michelle says:

      i just want 2 say hi 2 jonas brothers! i realli hope dat i cud chat with u guys some day! reply ba…………ck!!!

      your fan

    2. christina ciaglia says:

      I Love Joe and nick.

    3. claire says:

      hi joe!!!ur so cute

    4. kari says:

      hey wats up dude thought to stop by and say wats up and wat you guys doing

    5. Abbie says:

      Hiya Jonas Brothers i loves you guys soo
      much. Joe you are soooo hot XD xxxx

    6. I like that I don’t have to pay for a subscription like wow

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