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Sarah Palin TEA Party Speech at TEA Party National Convention

Sarah Palin’s Tea Party speech at the TEA Party national convention in Nashville, TN took place today.  Sarah Palin’s Tea Party speech was the keynote address at this grassroots movement started by individuals in Nashville and Memphis, TN.

Sarah Palin is the former Republican vice presidential hopeful, and former Alaskan governor.  She’s come up out of nowhere in the last couple of years, and it looks like she has what it takes to make history in the US Political landscape.

Sarah Palin’s speech was attended by 1,100 people at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN.  This included 600 people that came to a three day conference, and an additional 500 people that came to see her speak. The 500 paid $349 each just to hear what she had to say.

There are mixed reviews on Sarah Palin, with the country pretty much split over whether or not they see her in a positive light.

There’s also some speculation over whether or not Sarah Palin’s involvment with the Tea Party is a good idea.  However, if she’s planning a bid for the 2012 Presidency, her involvement with the movement could sway voters toward the Republican party.

Tea party or no Tea party, America’s political landscape is changing.  People aren’t happy with the way things are.  There’s no one person or one administration to blame.  However, we need someone to take the bull by the horns and make the changes necessary to improve life here.

Could Sarah Palin be that person?

    7 Responses to “Sarah Palin TEA Party Speech at TEA Party National Convention”

    1. republicanblack says:

      You know this is the biggest sham I have ever seen in my life. If Scott Brown is the highlight of the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, how is it that Charlie Crist a much more conservative candidate for US Senate than Brown will ever be, since Crist is a pro-life, fiscal conservative with a long record to prove it, how come the tea party is rejecting him, here is why and to when you see the reason you cannot disagree

    2. TrueConservative says:

      Not sure what you mean Republicanblack, but a conservative in MA will always be different than a conservative in other, more conservative states. From what I see Crist isn’t consistent in his conservative beliefs. He seems to be easily swayed by what he sees as popular at the time. The Tea Party does support such flipancy. We want someone willing, able, and strong enough to stick to his/her principles. Crist, so far, doesn’t meet those qualifications. While Scott Brown may not be as conservative per say, he does seem to walk the walk that he talks.

    3. TrueConservative says:

      I meant the Tea Party does NOT support such flipancy. Sorry.

    4. Peter says:

      Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh….Scott Brown whatever they are conflicted!

    5. Telma Parlow says:

      Provost Dr. Tom Burish stated in the release that “While Notre Dame would have preferred to maintain its independence, the financial realities of the world of college football made the decision a necessity.” He also said that “The longstanding tradition of the schools in the Big 10 conference best fit that of the Irish program”, according to reports.


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