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Kim Kardashian Attends Super Bowl Party in Miami Beach

Kim Kardashian attends Super Bowl party in Miami Beach, one night before the big game.  Holly Madison hosted the Super Bowl party, the 7th annual Leather & Lace Super Bowl Party, in Miami Beach.  The star studded event brought plenty of TV personalities, including the Kardashian Klan.

Did you really think that the Kardashians would miss the Super Bowl? After all, Kim and Reggie are FINALLY back together, and the Saints are playing.  The family wouldn’t miss that for the world!

Kim Kardashian looked as stunning as ever at the Super Bowl Party, wearing a mauve low cut dress with fringe. Last night, she was seen dining out with her family in Miami Beach wearing a geometric print dress that hugged her curves perfectly.

Tomorrow’s game between the Colts and the Saints is going to be a great night. It will be a very star-studded night with the Kardashian family as well as Kendra Wilkinson and baby Hank Jr present at the game.

Who will win? Will the Colts win the Super Bowl for the second time in the last couple of years, or will with Saints walk away from their very first Super Bowl winners?

Please leave your thoughts about Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl Party fashions and about the Super Bowl below.

    7 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Attends Super Bowl Party in Miami Beach”

    1. Janay says:

      Kim Kardashian is a mess, she just wanna get pregnant by Reggie Bush n take all his money, n Reggie Bush is a fool to continue to date her dumb self>>> sounds like Kim Kardashian is a GOLD DIGGER!!!! n so is her OLD A** MAMA!!!! Wat A mess that whole family is a mess>>>>> GOLD DIGGERS EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!!!!!!

      • Linda says:

        I agree with Janay. Am not hatin either. She can’t dance, she can’t act. She just want to be in th limelight. She’s also jealous of her sisters. They are more down to earth, but Kim is a fake as.s bi.tch. Phony gold digger, even tugh she has her own money, she just hate hers sisters out shining her. Like it’s all about her phony stank The mother need to sit her dumb-as.s down and be a wife and mother to her teenage girls so they won;t turn out like their slut ass older sisters.

    2. Kathrine says:

      Do you even know the family/Kim K? Have you ever met them/her? Then don’t talk s.hit.

    3. Kevin says:

      These Kardashian girls are all a bunch of spoiled BITs.
      They are not talented or possess anything but good looks.
      They are only famous for being famous and that is it.
      Their high profile lawyer father and their mom’s new hubby
      Bruce J just help bring them up to the top. Hell, as far
      as their reality show goes, I have friends who could have
      just as successful of a tv hit if only given the chance.
      I say get real and start living in the real world Kardashian
      girls, because the one you live in is far from reality.

      • Diva on a dollar says:

        I agree with Kevin. These girla are from California where you are paid to be pretty. However I do disagree that they are all pretty. Kim is very pretty, but Khloe looks like she was a premie

    4. Diva on a dollar says:

      Kim Kardashian is one of many very pretty girls who landed an athlete. Think about it their family was not even in the lime-light until the RAY-JAY mess.

      I am an African American woman and I am so tired of hearing about her ass. Sisters have had curves since the beginging of time. Now it all of a sudden fashinable to have some ass.

      This will be another Ojay/Nicole scandal soon. She will spas out and he will go up side her head. She is uneducated and ridiculous. There are plenty of rich/educated pretty young women who could take Reggie Bush from her. They do not want his little short ass.

      Good luck Kim, have a great life. Your whole family is crazy and hoochie. Only in america can a white girl become a celebrity for taking it up the a.


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