‘We Are the World’ 2010 to Premiere During Olympic Opening Ceremony

The world premiere of the video for “We Are the World” 2010 for Haiti will air during NBC’s coverage of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Friday, February 12.

We Are the World 2010

'We Are the World' 2010

The new version of “We Are the World” was recorded on Monday night in the same studios used 25 years ago for the original song, which was by USA for Africa.  Stars on the new recording include Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Usher, Wyclef Jean, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Vince Vaughn, Pink, Lil Wayne, Jennifer Hudson, and more.

(Click here for a list of the stars involved and a behind the scenes video at the recording of the new “We Are the World.”)

Lionel Richie and Quincy Jones re-collaborated on the new version to raise money for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The new version of “We Are the World” and the accompanying video will be available for purchase through a consortium of online and retail partners, with all proceeds going directly to the earthquake-relief efforts in Haiti through the We Are The World Foundation.

For more information about the new “We Are the World,” click here.

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