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Pink’s Grammy Performance At Awards Show Out of this World

Pink’s Grammy performance at the Grammy Awards show was out of this world. Pink’s Grammy performance was probably the only thing that could have outshined Lady Gaga’s Galactical getup.

Pink showed up wearing a white robe draped over her head.  As she proceeded in to the rest of her performance, she dropped the rob to showcase a trapeze artist outfit that consisted of nude colored material with strategically placed white strips.

She was then hoisted above the ground, similar to the 2009 VMAs.  Her performance even included getting wet through water being poured over her body as she sang.

Pink’s Grammy Performance was spectacular, and there are many who think that her artistic impression hit the nail on the head when it comes to choosing a performance that was appropriate for the show.

There are others that think her getup was a little too revealing.  However, it’s important to note that she wasn’t actually showing skin – she had on skin colored fabric.

All that being said, those that missed Pink’s Grammy Performance can catch up on it by viewing the video available HERE.

For those that have seen the performance, what were your thoughts? Did the performance hit the nail right on the head, or has the hype been overrated?

    9 Responses to “Pink’s Grammy Performance At Awards Show Out of this World”

    1. Trevan H says:

      Absolutely stunning, I have never been more proud of the girl who sang “There You Go” in 2000 and has now grown into a woman. On that night she showed America the beauty in art and that we should not be afraid to express ourselves with it. I cannot even be certain that Pink realizes how touching and symbolic her performance was that night. Thank you Pink.

    2. perirta sanderson says:

      out of this world.she was best however we love Taylor Swift she is our innocent sweetheart.please to the powers that be please put pink out front more we like to see talent and skills not exhibitionist anybody can show a body part but not all have skills also lady GaGa was good shes got skills also.

    3. Jen says:

      Pink’s was fantastic! I was lucky enough to see her Funhouse Tour in September when she was back in the US. Her entire show was like the performance from Sunday night. She is the most talented female artist out there. She really needs the credit she deserves!

    4. amer coolchic says:

      I thought Pink’s performance was awesome and made the time spent watching the show worth it. Sometimes those shows are pointless and shallow, but Pink was over the top great and I am happy I did not miss it.

    5. Kevin says:

      P!nk up’ed the ante. I don’t see anyone topping her performance for a long, long, time. Certainly no one on the scene today.

      Amazing she’s not better appreciated.

    6. William says:

      Probably the most amazing performance I’ve ever seen on an awards show, and I have been watching them for a very long time. Pink was stunning, and she is extremely talented. I hope others will learn from her, and bring art back into entertainment, instead of flash and shock.

    7. Gin says:

      I was looking forward for her performance because I thought it was going to be one of her up beat tempo songs but she came out with a ballad and I was bored. But I listened and watched and three minutes later, I was crying like a b|tch. She had the best performance of that night and it wasn’t even a song that people would get up and rock to or dance to. It was those songs where you just watch and go, “I’m such a loser!! Nobody loves me…. because that song touched *pound-chest* right here!” and then you cry like a maniac… kekeke… I’m so glad the audience gave her a standing ovation because her performance was the best of the night!!!!! or any grammy’s I’ve seen. It tops hers from last year.

    8. Zina Granda says:

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