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Oscar Nominations 2010 Avatar A Big Winner

Oscar Nominations 2010 leaves Avatar as a big potential winner.  The 2010 Oscars are coming up and James Cameron’s Avatar and the movie The Hurt Locker are both nominated for 9 awards each.  Both of these fine movies are up for picture of the year and outstanding director.

Here’s the kicker: James Cameron and the director of The Hurt Locker used to be married.  That’s right – we have two talented exes duking it out for the Oscar Award.

If I was a betting person,  I would bet on James Cameron winning the Oscar for directing Avatar.  Not that Hurt Locker isn’t a great movie – Honestly, I haven’t even seen Avatar, but everywhere you turn people are buzzing about how even though the story line may be lacking, the special effects and overall design of the movie are great.

However, I have seen “Hurt Locker” and it is an incredible movie with characters that many can relate to. It’s about something that touches the lives of many Americans and it’s a really great movie.

There are many other great nominations.  This year there are 10 motion picture nominations available, and it will be exciting to see who will ultimately win.

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