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Taylor Swift Drops Grammy? AHHH! Blonde Moment! (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift drops Grammy? Taylor Swift, in a true clumsy high school girl moment, dropped her Grammy award.  While the action was an accident, it was surely one of the most embarassing events at the Grammy Awards.  For this, Swift should get another award.

You know the media isn’t going to let her live this one down.  Similar to the Kanye West incident, videos of this Taylor Swift clip will be shown for the rest of the year.

It will also likely get into an episode of Celebrity Bloopers.

Okay, Okay – for the benefit of the doubt it is true that she had four Grammys in her hands (which is four more than I will ever have) sooo… maybe the dropping of the Grammy Awards wasn’t that big of a deal.

Still yet, Taylor Swift got a plethora of awards.  She was also one of the best dressed ladies to hit the red carpet.  It is exciting to see what she will come up with during the next year, and if she will remain one of the most well-loved singers of the day.

    2 Responses to “Taylor Swift Drops Grammy? AHHH! Blonde Moment! (VIDEO)”

    1. Cory says:

      Not swift enough lol
      FAIL, Taylor!

    2. Jan says:

      Always thought how dumb it was for them to be carrying around a armful of trophy’s at these events. Surprised more don’t get broken. Hey there’s plenty of people around to hold them for the stars while they talk to the media.


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