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Jay Novacek Wife LeAnne Novacek Found Dead

Jay Novacek Wife Dead

Jay Novacek

Wife of Dallas Cowboy player Jay Novacek was found dead, according to the medical staff at the Tarrant County.

Jay Novacek’s wife name is LeAnne Novacek and she is about 45 years old. She was found dead in the morning at about 9 am.

Half an hour before she was found dead, at about 8:37 am, the police and fire department responded to a 911 call for a medical emergency. It is being speculated at this point that its a suicide.  The body of LeAnne Novacek was spotted in the bedroom according to those who reached there first.

The police have refused to provide any more details. Investigation is ongoing and autopsy would be performed coming Tuesday.

Jay Novacek Stats and Background

Jay is 47 years old and he played ball for roughly six seasons with the Cowboys.  Jay was selected in the sixth round during the draft pick. I believe he is originally from Wyoming and the first team he played for was St. Louis Cardinals.

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    6 Responses to “Jay Novacek Wife LeAnne Novacek Found Dead”

    1. Troy says:

      Any reason why LeAnne Novacek would commit suicide?

    2. Rube says:

      Jay was actually from Gothenburg, Nebraska and went to college in Wyoming.

    3. Ron says:

      Hey Troy, think about your dumb comment

      Well, I guess one reason would be that she wanted to die

    4. annie says:

      When Jay played the cards were not St. Louis…I think Arizona.


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