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Grammy Awards 2010 Red Carpet Best Dressed

Grammy Awards 2010 red carpet best dressed are going to be popular.  The best dressed on the 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet will be the talk of the fashion world for a couple of days.  Even though the red carpet is far from over, let’s take a look at some of the best dressed stars so far.

Mario Lopez graced the red carpet wearing a grey suit with a black shirt underneath.  This compliments his complexion very well. He will most definitely make the best dressed male list for the Grammy Awards 2010.

Adam Lambert will also be someone that is talked about for the 2010 Grammy Awards red carpet.  A fashion consultant for tonight’s show, Lambert promises to “be nice.”  Let’s just hope all the other red carpet critics pay him the same respects.

Other stars and personalities to grace the red carpet thus far include Jersey Shore’s Snooki (who appears as if she was poured in to her dress), Lady Gaga (wearing some sort of spaceship looking attire -which looks great on Gaga but wouldn’t work on anyone else), and Marissa Miller. Miller’s dress is very short, but flatters her frame very well.

The 52nd annual Grammy Awards will begin to air in the Eastern and Central time zones in about 30 minutes.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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