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Senior Bowl 2010 Update And Online Streaming

Senior Bowl 2010 update and online streaming.  First, what is the Senior Bowl 2010? The Senior Bowl is a fun game where players from the draft class play a very fun-filled game.  For many of these seniors, it is the last time that they can show recruiters their stuff before the draft starts in April.

The Senior Bowl 2010 is on TV, but it’s being shown on the NFL network, which most likely means you won’t be able to see it unless you purchase the channel.  But have no fear. There are places online you can go to watch the Senior Bowl 2010 live stream.  Because I have not personally tested out any streams, I won’t link to individual streams out there – I don’t want you to accidentally get a computer virus!

The 2010 Senior Bowl started at 4:00 EST.  The game is still going on, and no winners have been announced.  However, the game should be ending pretty soon as it has been going on for two hours now. 

For those that are watching the 2010 Senior Bowl, please leave your updates in the comments section.  For those of you who haven’t watched the game, leave your thoughts below.

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    1. gweewee says:

      a legit place that has it: redropes (dot) c o m streams fast..didn’t give me a virus or anything which is rare


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