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Shaun White Crash Video And Gold Medal (CRASH VIDEO HERE)

Shaun White crash video and an Olympic gold medal.  Shaun White’s crash video has received a lot of buzz, particularly because the crash was worse than it appeared.  Shaun White was attempting a maneuver on a half pipe when his helmet flew off and then he crashed.  Despite his crash, he still finished with his third gold medal at the Winter X Games.

The Shaun White crash video is likely popular for the same reason that many crash videos are popular – we like to see what happens when people take risks.  Shaun White is no sissy, and he takes a big risk every time he steps out there to snow board.

The end of the story is very fortunate. Watch the Shaun White crash video below and you will see that the ending could have been very tragic.  Without a helmet and at the rate of speed he was going, White could have paralyzed himself – or worse yet killed himself.

He’s also lucky that the crash happened during a practice run.  Had it happened when it counted, Shaun White probably wouldn’t have walked away with his gold medal.

Shaun White said the following after the crash “I knew in my mind that I wanted to do it, no matter what happened even if I was in first. That trick’s just a beast of its own. I don’t know, some days are just tougher than others, I guess. I was glad to put it down tonight.”

Watch the video below.  What are your thoughts? Leave your comments about the Shaun White crash video.

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    1. ProEdgeBiker says:

      WOW! why did his helmet fly off?

    2. Anonymous says:

      Shaun is just amazing, because he won the sommer and winter x-games. But I think everybody that can skateboard is a good snowboarder


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