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Greg Oden Leaked Photos Are Available? Nekkid Pictures Leaked Online

Greg Oden leaked photos are available? Sexy nude leaked photos of Greg Oden are allegedly retreivable online.  The Greg Oden nude photos have been the subject of a massive internet buzz, as the star became the latest person to have a nude photo scandal.

The funny thing about Greg Oden’s leaked photos is that he took them himself.  There he stood – in front of the mirror – in all his nekkid glory – and took photos of himself.


Okay, I can understand this. People do it all the time – take nude photos and send them to their significant others to enjoy.  However, Greg Oden forgot one thing that many people forget when they do this.  What happens when you tick the person you sent the naked photos off?

Voila! We have the Greg Oden leaked photos scandal.

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Curious? Well, you can go to TechBanyan and view the photos yourself – they are in a video format.  As they are actually nude photos, I haven’t linked to the actual Greg Oden Leaked photos.

Now, nude photos of females are typically the ones that are leaked.  However, every once and a while these photos will surface – presumably to allow the woman to gain fame.

Now, we have Greg Oden’s leaked photos. If you’re curious, go see them sooner rather than later.  Chances are Oden’s legal team will have them pulled eventually.

For those that are curious, chances are Greg Oden’s lawyers will be able to get the photos pulled.

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