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Duggar Baby 19 Update and Josie Brooklyn Duggar Pictures

Duggar Baby 19 update and Josie Brooklyn Duggar pictures are something of a hot commodity right now.  Josie Duggar was born some 15 weeks early, and has been at the Arkansas Children’s hospital ever since.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar recently revealed photographs of their daughter – who only weighed 1 pound 6 ounces at her birth.  While she’s over 2 pounds now, chances are she will still be in the hospital for a few more weeks.

As far as  a preemie goes, Josie Duggar is doing well.  She is taking breast milk through a tube, which will help build her immune system and make her stronger.  OF course, the future still remains guarded as day to day life with a preemie can be ever changing.

In addition to new photos, which can be seen in People Magazine – the Duggar Family will be featured in a special which will air on Sunday Night.  The Duggar Family Special Delivery will chronicle the birth of Josie Duggar.

Despite the heavy criticism that the family gets for having so many children, they press on.  They live life the way they see best, and they stand by their decisions.

Many have been following the story of this baby who was born 15 weeks early.  Many are also praying for her continued recovery.

    45 Responses to “Duggar Baby 19 Update and Josie Brooklyn Duggar Pictures”

    1. madison says:

      she is so cute…..even though she is so tiny she is still adorable….Duggar family you are in myprayers I watch yuor show everyday and just love how you live well hope Josie keeps doing well

    2. Janis says:

      Love the Duggars…………….get lots of helpful tips from them……….congrats on josie……she’s a doll……….

    3. Emma says:

      i am so happy she is doing GREAT!!! i can not wait to see it on tlc this sunday!!!!!!

    4. Randy and Dianne says:

      We should all be thanking the Good Lord that he is helping little
      Josie as she continues to fight and gain weight.

    5. Faith Hayes says:

      i love the duggars! i watch them all the time. i am continuing to pray for their family and little Josie. She is so cute and so is the rest of the family. Jessa is my favorite and Josaih is too…i just love them all. i love u duggars and God Bless!

    6. Holly says:

      Duggars you are in my prayers. I too suffered from Pre-Eclampsia and my son was born 8 weeks prematurely due to this and my having HELLP Syndrome along with the Pre-E. God Bless your family and little Josie. I know what it’s like having a fragile child in the NICU and not being able to take your angel home with you. God Bless

    7. jane ray says:

      If god is with them then who can be against them. I think that they are an inspiration to all families!

    8. Virginia says:

      Little ones are fighters! Sending lots of prayers. Hope to get more updates soon.

    9. Rhonda Carlton says:

      Dear Dugggars, congratulations on your little blessing. The Lord is with you and so are our prayers.

    10. holly darden says:

      january 31,2010 i just watched the newest eposide and it made me cry like a big old baby…baby josie was just so tiny

    11. MIchele says:

      I just wanted to say the monring of Nov. 18, 2009 My uncle passed away and then a few hours later I was rushed into an emergency c-section with my son. He was 11 weeks early and weighed 1 lb 5 oz. On Jan. 18th 2010 he was strong enough to come home from the hospital. So the end is comming Michelle jsut keep strong it will be here soon I promise. God bless and she is so cute.
      We love you guys.

    12. Angela Lung says:

      I have been watching your show for a while know and I just love how you all manage with 18 now 19 kids and how you all live your lives for God and I will be praying for Josie and all of you I know first hand what God can do and I trust that he will make that little girl strong and healthy!

    13. Kyra says:

      To Michelle, I just wanted you to know that I had a baby 22 yrs ago. according to dates he was 15 days over however he weighed 5lbs 5oz and had beta strep infection. Anyway, he was in the hospital 19 days and long story short, No one expected him to live, He now is 22 yrs old and He is the joy of my life. I believe that Josie will make it and I believe that God has an awsome job for her here. God Bless your family.

    14. Lynda says:

      God Bless your family during this time. I pray that little baby girl will make a full recovery and continue to gain weight and thrive. What a precious blessing she is.

    15. Suezanne says:

      God bless your family and congrats on Josie she is beautiful. my prayers go with you and the entire family

    16. Heather says:

      She is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope she gets bigger as she gets older! I watch your show every day! I will keep u in my prays!Congrats on your new child!

    17. OLETA says:


    18. Pamela says:

      I myself had a preemie>my baby was born at 26 weeks she weighed 1lb. 13.4oz 13 inches long >god bless the Duggars and their beautiful baby…they;ll be in my prayers

    19. Laura-Mae Night says:


    20. eileen says:

      Ok– Enough is enough!!! I understand that their religous beliefs carry them very far. However, the way Jim Bob is looking at his wife in this photo is a problem. My Catholic religion is important to me and my family. Jim Bob Duggar has a an issue that will carry on with his sons. Take advantage of your wives, and you might not have this wonderful woman survive through the baby making. He is putting all the other children through so much. I guarantee that one of them will break– if not more than one. THIS FAMILY NEED AN INTERVENTION!!!!!!

      • Patty Ryan-Johnson says:

        Please don’t refer to yourself as a Catholic……you are one in
        name only. If your religion truly was as important as you state, you would LIVE it, not just use it as rhetoric. I am also a practicing Catholic and I KNOW what our Church teaches. God bless the Duggars and ALL their beautiful children. The Duggars need our
        prayers, as all families do, and Eileen needs an intervention.
        Patty Jo Ryan-Johnson

      • Sandra H. says:

        The one that needs an intervention is YOU eileen. Leave this couple alone. What the hell business is it of yours how many kids they have? I hope she keeps on having babies…all her kids are just beautiful. They all love God and love each other. WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM??? JimBob isn’t allowed to “look at his wife” in a photo? The way he’s looking at his wife “is a problem?” The only problem I see is a miserable bitch who for whatever reason is jealous of this beautiful family. Take a look in the MIRROR you miserable bitch before you go pointing fingers at how this couple lives their lives, mind their own business, love God and each other.

    21. Renee says:

      @eileen – you said it correctly – your “religion”. This is not a “religion” to them, it is their life. Religion is something you practice and participate in. A real relationship with Jesus Christ is something you live day in and day out.

      Jim Bob is looking at his wife like that in the photo because he loves and cares for her so much. He knows that he could have lost her and the baby.

      He is not taking “advantage” of her, but adores her. Just one pregnancy can be hazardous if anything goes wrong, so 1 baby or 19, it doesn’t matter – every pregnancy is different and carries possible complications.

      If you have watched the show, you will know that the children are strong of character, strong spiritually and strong mentally. Even if one does “break” as you said, they have a wonderful, loving, supportive family to be there for them.

      You are the one who needs the intervention with a personal relationship with Jesus in order to deal with your anger issues.

      I’m praying for you.

    22. Susan says:

      I gave birth to a 23 weeker and she is almost 16 years old and she weighted in at 16oz… at birth. There is alot involved with taking care of a preemie… I hope for the best for you and your family…

    23. anna says:

      Cute! And of couse she has a bow on her head!And “Laura-Mae Night”, I find it very hard to believe that your child was born at .11 oz and survived. No person could possibly do that.

      • Autumn Nosbisch says:

        Anna I’m sorry but you nor me are no one to judge Laura-Mae Night. I feel from your comments your faith in God is not large (hence I did’nt say it is, but that is the way you are comming off). All things are possible through God. He made the blind see, the lepers well, cast demons out of the sick, and rose people and himself from the grave. Faith is all it takes and I do beleive it is possible, because all things through God are possible. There is nothing impossible, nothing as long as you have God.

    24. Jyl says:

      Little Josie is surrounded by Holy Angels! I know what it feels like to have a child born premature. My daughter Rylee was born at 31 weeks. She had a set back on her thrid day of life but that didn’t hold her back from being a fighter. Now at 12 years old, she is one tough girl. Lots of prayers for all of you and especially for little Josie!

    25. Kristina says:

      Josie is in my prayers always. I think that she will make it thru this just fine…she is a fighter. I am 18 wks pregnant with identical twin boys and I am terrified that they will be born early since I too have gallstones and had a horriable time with them with my last pregnancy. I did however make it thru them and was even 6 days late giving birth to my 2 son weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 4oz. Although I have had no flare ups since my son was born I’m still worried about.
      To the Duggars…You are always in my thoughts and please don’t take to heart the negitives people say about your family. I think that both of you are real heros for loving all of those children so much. I would have loved to grow up in your family. Good luck and again your in my prayers always.

    26. tanya says:

      i think that your family is the most inspriring family most grateful most respectful and i stand behind you 100% josie is in our prayers and thoughts

    27. Susan Meador says:

      Little Josie is in my prayers. My twins were born at 23 weeks 6 days & we were not so lucky. We lost our son, Alex just 3 short days after they were born. Our little Brooklyn is 2 1/2 now and full of life. She does not have any permanent health problems by the grace of God. I pray that little Josie comes through this healthy & full of life! My Brooklyn was 1 lb 9.75 ounces & 12 1/4 inches long so I can honestly say, I know what you are going through. God Bless you!

    28. JMF says:

      I have to agree with Tanya, the Dugger family is a beatiful family. They have wonderful children, who show respect to everybody. They are a family to look up too. I saw the show with Josie’s birth and I cried so hard. I’m glad she is doing good. I have enjoyed watching this family for a long time. I watched them build their house they are in now. I hope that everything goes well, and God bless you.

    29. summer says:

      Hey ya’ll hope that you are adjusting.I have been watching you for a while and me and my husband just think its awesome how you keep god as main focus point in everything that u do. You all are so blessed and I know that god has a plan and meaning for us and everday life, and I know baby josie will be fine. She was blessed with a wonderful and supporting family its a joy to see a family that has god is your life like they way he is. I will pray for you all. Love ya’ll….. Summer and TJ. Ps can’t wait till she can go home, I know ya’ll are ready!!!! 😉

    30. Nicole says:

      Congrat’s on Josie’s birth Dugger family and I am so happy to hear that your little angel is doing well and she is adorable. I hope the rest of your large family are doing well, I say a little prayer every night wishing Josie good health and I look forward to reading up on her and hopefully news that she is home with her siblings and little auntie Mackenzie.
      I cant wait for the next season of 18 kid’s or should I say 19 kid’s and counting to come back on over here in the UK soon.
      God bless and take care Dugger’s xxxxx

    31. Brennah says:

      I have to agree with Eileen… this family does need an intervention! Not only b/c having more children could be very hazardous to Michelle but b/c no child asks to be born with major (both physical & mental) birth defects and that is the risk that the Duggers are going to be taking from here on out if they have any more children. They have 18 healthy children and should look at Josie as a blessing but also as a lesson learned… when a woman is 43 years old and has put her body through the amount of stress that Michelle has the chances of having a child with down syndrome and other major issues are very…very high, any doctor will tell you that. Who is Michelle’s doctor and why hasn’t he intervened?? I think it is unfair to the unborn child and selfish to continue to reproduce knowing that if you have another child it will most likely have major issues… I think god would frown upon anyone who “intentionally” placed that burden on an innocent baby. Also I agree with the fact that no 2 parents can give 19 children the time, nourishment, love, encouragement and support that each child needs… it may seem as though everything is perfect on the reality show but the reality of the situation is that the older children are burdened with having to constantly look after the younger children (who they will grow to resent) and that each younger child is living in the shadow of an older sibling… it has to be nearly impossible for each child to be an individual and equally difficult for them to feel loved and supported on a real level by their parents. The fact that they are kept from developing relationships with children outside of the family only hurts their situation more. I don’t believe that this is a matter of religion…. I’ve studied religion and nowhere in the Bible does it state that a married couple has to conceive a child just b/c they want to make love. I honestly don’t think that God intends for each and every married couple to have 29 children… just b/c they can. It’s crazy. I think that the Duggers have done wonderfully given their situation and my prayers are with their 19th child but I’m also praying they will give it a rest.

      • Sandra H. says:

        BRENNAH……….Here is ANOTHER miserable bitch who can’t mind her own stinking business. SHUT UP! You have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE this family. Mind your own business you nasty interfering judgemental hag! The Duggars will have as many children as they WANT and it just drives you nuts, doesn’t it? You can’t stand for them to be as loving and as successful as they are because YOU are NOT.

    32. Shaylyn says:

      I do not agree with the people who are putting the duggars down but i do think that they should not have anymore kids they have plenty, and on the show you do see all the older children cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the younger ones. Im not being mean or anything, i love the duggar family, and i watch their show every tuesday night on tlc.

    33. Ruth says:

      I am in such awe of the Duggars.I just love the Duggars.I think that they are the best family on television.I think that the whole family is very cute and all the kids are so well behaved.Keep getting stronger Josie.I am praying for them everyday.

    34. bea says:

      Brennah you could not have put it any better. the duggers had 18 children and i remember on an episodes where the doctors told michelle if she have children over 40 its risky. the thing about docters and relgion its tricky to intervene in, they said they leave the amount of children up to god but they refuse to take a doctors advise but when josie came earlie its the doctors that are taking care of her i think its unfair for the kids and the whole family that takes lots of time and effort to deal with a preemie they have so many children that need michelle its a possibility she could have died also, with all the things that could go wrong in a pregnancy why will you risk your life at the age of 43 with 18 kids already please dont get me wrong i love the duggers i watch them all the time, i wish jossie the best. i just hope she think about birth controle or tubes tide so she can be here for her kids and her grand kids.

    35. Debbie says:

      Yes, we should all mind our own business because they are a lovely family with very well behaved beautiful children. That’s easier said than done though. It’s like trying to keep your mouth shut while you watch someone walk toward the edge of a cliff. After 18 healthy babies, we all knew something bad was bound to happen when she got pregnant at 43. Maybe baby Josie was only the loud warning to STOP having babies before something really bad happens. I am just praying that the Duggars count their blessings that Josie and Michele are doing so well, and see the writing on the wall about any future babies that everyone on the planet seems to fear except them.

    36. Erica says:

      This family makes me SICK!

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    39. Ted Kritter says:

      Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing some research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him smile Therefore let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!


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