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Greg Oden Dirty Pictures Air NBA Stars Dirty Laundry

Greg Oden dirty pictures are all the rage. Greg Oden dirty pictures are making headlines, as the pictures surfaced recently.  The NBA craziness could have been a ploy from an angry ex, or they could just be a publicity stunt.  Hey – stranger things have happened.

The curious thing about Greg Oden dirty pictures are that they were taken by the  NBA star himself using a cell phone camera.  They surfaced Tuesday on, and were the subject of a press conference in which the “disgraced” star apologized for their existence.

Why did the basketball player take the racy photographs? He asserts that they were taken for a “lady friend” and they were meant just for her.

Obviously Greg Oden is not aware of the dangers of “sexting.”  Taking cell phone pictures in the nude and sending them to someone isn’t exactly wise – because they could get mad at you and post them online.

Then there’s also the chance that maybe – just maybe – the star leaked the photos himself for publicity purposes.  Hey – stranger things have happened before in the past.  After all – I hadn’t even heard of Greg Oden before this incident.

But I don’t watch  much basketball, either.

Other celebrity nude photo scandals include Grady Sizemore, Adrienne Bailon, and Vanessa Hudgens.  Many of them claim that the photos that were taken were snapped for that “someone special” for “their eyes only.”

So the next time you find yourself naked in front of a mirror, remember the Greg Oden dirty pictures scandal.  If you anger your significant other or things just don’t work out, you could find yourself plastered in all your naked glory online for all to see.

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