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Ugly Betty Cancelled by ABC?

Ugly Betty cancelled by ABC? Popular show “Ugly Betty” starring America Ferrara will end its run in April at the conclusion of its fourth season.  Ugly Betty was a hit for ABC, but experienced declining ratings in its 3rd and 4th seasons.

America has fallen in love with America Ferrara, who was first introduced to us in the 2002 Indie film “Real Women Have Curves.”  The movie showcased her character’s conflicts with her Mexican parents’ traditional working class values.

She’s also been featured in movies such as “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”  While her role in these movies have added to her popularity, it’s “Ugly Betty” that really set her apart and gave her the role of a lifetime.

Even though “Ugly Betty” had its critics, it also had lots of fans who are outraged with the network’s decision to pull the plug.  The show slipped in ratings to other shows, such as CSI and Bones.

For those of you who are Ugly Betty fans, what was your favorite episode? What are your feelings about ABC’s decision to cancel the show after four seasons? Do you think that the show has run its course, or do you think that the decision is coming a little prematurely?

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    1. Nancy says:

      Oh, no! This is one of my very favorite shows! It is so full of heart, crazy maybe, but heartfelt and all the actors are so good!
      Ugly Betty has embraced all lifestyles. Betty herself has weathered challenges, some self-created- and in not being perfect we can identify. In standing up for herself, she never loses her core goodness. In the face of pettiness, she hangs tough.I do not have a favorite episode as I have enjoyed them all -and I’ve seen them all. ABC is canceling this show waaaaay too soon and not accounting for those of us who must DVD the show because of prior commitments, and the desire to watch an episode again. PLEASE ABC,give Ugly Betty a reprieve!!!

    2. Eric says:

      STUPID! I cant belive they canceled this show! The big companies like ABC, NBC anc CBS cant figure out why no one wants to watch their shows well this is why.. because you fall in love with it only for it to be canceled mid season.. BULL SHI!

    3. Chris says:

      I’m outraged and saddened by this cancellation. Why does a show have to have violence or sex in it to stay on the air? It seems as though that’s all you see. A show like Ugly Betty with good acting and comedy is a shot in the arm after a long day, not to mention the example it sets for today’s young people who have career dreams. Maybe if ABC didn’t move it from one time slot to another, it wouldn’t have dropped in ratings. As far as my favorite episode is concerned, they’re all my favorites and yes this is definitely coming prematurely.

    4. Desere says:

      I am so sad about the cancellation, I love the show and all the people who star in it. I had a feeling they were going to end the show when they moved it to Friday night. :(

    5. Tony says:

      The people at ABC are such losers. Ugly Beety is the best show and they are cancelling it. WTF if they just left it on thursday night where it was for 4 years instead of changing it every few weeks to a different night maybe the rating would not be slipping !!!!! LOSERS!!

    6. Judy says:

      ABC has broken my heart. This is a zany, fun, most entertaining show. It is, by far, the most colorful show I have seen on TV. The actors, sets and costumes are wonderful. I get the feeling that the big networks enjoy shooting themselves in the foot. Who was the decider in this case — the CEO? A pox on him (or her).

      No more Cinderella. I am so sad.

    7. marcia says:


    8. chris says:

      Most people consider me a typical guy. I watch sporting events,the history channel, and other learning channels. I have gone to college and work in the building trades. Over the course of TV, we have been given a steady diet of lawyer, cops and robbers, and medical shows that just get old. I started watching ugly betty with my wife from the beginning. We then decided to DVR 3 shows @ a time because one show was not enough. With 3 kids and other things going on this became our date night. I’ve never seen any show this orginal in content with Highly a talented cast. I asked my wife; now what are we going to do? I give you some of my background to show ABC that this show was embraced by many types of people.


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