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Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Conservative and Controversial (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad is both conservative and controversial.  The Super Bowl ad features Tim Tebow and his mother, and is paid for by Focus on the Family.  The ad is a Pro-Choice ad, and many people are screaming for CBS to pull the plug on the Tebow’s ad.

Tim Tebow is alive today because his mother refused to have an abortion.  Plagued with pregnancy complications that began after she contracted amoebic dysentery while a missionary around Manila.  She stood her ground and even though doctors expected him to be born dead instead of alive, he has lived on to become an extraordinary person.

Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad is something he believes in.  He has spoken out against the people that are calling for the ad to be pulled, pointing out that he stands up for what he believes in.

However, there are those that think that the Super Bowl ad should be pulled.  They cite that the Super Bowl is not an appropriate time to open up political debate.  In addition, CBS – the network airing the Super Bowl – has had a record of keeping controversial ads such as those from PETA off the air.

That being said, a video of Tim Tebow defending his position can be found below. What do you think? Should CBS Pull the Ad?

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