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Tiger Woods Update: Elin and Tiger’s Thanksgiving Brawl Details

Tiger Woods update: Elin and Tiger’s Thanksgiving brawl details are surfacing, thanks to reports from the Daily Beast.  Tiger Woods and Elin Woods were said to have fought on Thanksgiving before Woods’ crashed his SUV (and his life) outside their Windermere, Florida Residence. 

The reports indicate that Tiger told Elin about the National Enquirer’s pending affair story, assuring her that the rumors were false.  Elin was, of course, skeptical – as any woman in her position would be.

Later on, Tiger took Ambien to fall asleep.  While asleep, Elin uncovered Rachel’s phone number from his phone (she was listed under her real name!) And even found a romantic text message.

Uh oh!

Elin Texted Rachel, pretending to be Tiger, Rachel texted back. Elin called Rachel and the two lovebirds were busted.

Tiger Woods and Elin Woods’ Thanksgiving brawl ensued, and Elin is said to have hit Tiger with her fists on his chest when she woke him up.  He was still dazed from the Ambien and ran out of the couples home while Elin was brandishing a golf club.

Again all these stories have not been substantiated by Tiger or Elin Woods.  Therefore, like the other stories that have surfaced they could turn out to be nothing more than just another story.

Tiger was said to be in a Hattiesburg, Mississippi rehab facility undergoing treatment for sexual addiction.  Photos of the golfer were allegedly found, but then later reports surfaced that indicated that the photos were of someone that looked similar to Woods.

These new details hopefully shed some light on the true details behind what happened on Thanksgiving.  The rumors and speculations are starting to get old, and the truth would be nice at this point.


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