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Brad and Angelina Barely Sleeping Together? Sex Toys Found in Jolie’s Room

Brad and Angelina barely sleeping together? What gives? A day after the rumors of how Brad and Angelina break up were largely debunked, people are still talking about one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. You would think that Brad and Angelina, who were rumored to share 20 hour sex sessions when they first got married, would still be romping around like crazy in the sack.

Not so.  Reports from the New York Post indicate that Brad and Angelina are “barely sleeping together.” The duration of the lull? Over a year!

Yipes! Some of the sexiest people in Hollywood are rumored to not be getting any, and that’s troubling for those who would give an arm or a leg to get down and dirty with the likes of either Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.



Could Angelina be stepping out on Brad? Reports indicate that sex toys and rubber sheets were found in a room where Angelina was working with a male dialect coach.

Of course, all this is purely speculation.  Officially, the couple is not splitting up. They have told People magazine that the rumors are just that – rumors.

Even though sex lives of stars are fascinating, normal American behavior is not.  According to How Stuff Works, “On average, the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey found, Americans have sex just 85 times a year — about once every 4.3 days — well below the global pace of 103 times or about once every 3.5 days. They also spend an average of about 57 minutes per week having sex — about 14 minutes below the global average.”

While Brad and Angelina may be slowing down – give them a break! They are America, after all.


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    1. Lu Tepp says:

      Ian Halperin predicted Brad and Angelina would split, but even he said the couple had great s.ex. If the reports are true and Brad and Angelina don’t want to sleep together anymore, what hope do the rest of us mere mortals have at having a happy, long-lasting se.x life?


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