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Brad and Angelina Break up? Another Celebrity Divorce Rumor?

Brad and Angelina break up?  Brad and Angelina Split? Is “Brangelina” going back to Bradd Pitt and Angelina Jolie? Did Brad leave Angelina for Jennifer Aniston? What about the kids? Much like today’s Johnny Depp dead rumors, chances are that the powerful couple that are parents to several children are just that – rumors.

Then again there could be credence to the stories about Brad and Angelina breaking up.  Radar Online reported that the two signed some sort of legal document stating that they would divide their immense fortune and share custody of their six children.

The children, of course, will live with Angelina full time.

Brad and Angelina’s break up isn’t like a big drawn out divorce.  Why not? Well, the two were never legally married to begin with.  Despite that, the couple still built up several businesses and a considerable amount of wealth together.

The Radar report indicates that Brad and Angelina’s official announcement will come soon. Furthermore, the document was started back in December and signed early in January.

Sill yet, Brad and Angelina’s break up could just be a rumor.  They are a beautiful couple and I am sure I am not alone in hoping that they are staying together. 

It’s hard to understand why we always want to know the sordid details of celebrity lives.  Brad and Angelina breaking up will affect our lives just as much as Tiger Woods’ infidelity. (It won’t affect it!) However, the problems that the stars face are much like our very own problems, and sometimes it’s just nice to see that we aren’t alone.

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    1. Namezook says:

      I’m so sorry for the kids:(

    2. moony_aragorn says:

      I bet sooner or later, this will be claimed as another rumor. Hopefully. :)


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