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The Debacle Named Sania Mirza

In India we tend to always give advantage to certain sports and sports persons who are low on substance but high on the glamor quotient. Cricket and Sania Mirza are central to all this adulation.

Cricket is given so much importance that we have forgotten hockey is our National game. We are totally unaware of our hockey players who are given a pittance for their efforts and  absolutely no proper guidance and facilities.

Sania Mirza is a failure in every sense of the word. I am appalled at how she fails every time she appears in a competition and blames it on the overwhelming pressure of the expectation of her countrymen. The girl needs to realize that it is not even a quarter of what the cricketers get. And all the adulation is not because she is a good player but because of her looks.

She is a below average tennis player who I still believe needs to perfect her art before playing again. She was pitted against a nondescript opponent who seemed to be enormously talented in comparison to the so called Indian STAR. Sania pulled out of the singles event 45 minutes into the first round match which she was sure to loose. On the first day of the games she was seen posing for the shutterbugs and gushing at the fan following in Beijing.

Abhinav Brinda’s gold has come at an opportune moment and woken up the authorities to other sporting talents of the country. With equally better facilities, coaches and without bureaucracy in the administrative departments India can definitely harvest a rich crop of indigenous sporting giants.

    4 Responses to “The Debacle Named Sania Mirza”

    1. Troy says:

      Dude, what have you achieved in life to be in a position to make that comment.

    2. M Paul says:

      you know I may criticize Sania for her lack of performane but I certainly do not think she is shit Sarfraz. All I mean is that she needs to put her act together and start delivering.

    3. Yaria says:

      Sania isnt a failure. Sure she isnt living up to her hype, but she is coming back from surgery on her wirst, and she does pretty good when she is playing well. She just always gets hurt due to India shitastic tennis training facilities.


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