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Gabriel Johnson Still Missing and Disguised as Girl?

Gabriel Johnson still missing and disguised as girl? 8 month old Gabriel Johnson was last seen in San Antonio Texas with his mom, Elizabeth Johnson on December 26th.  Elizabeth is from the Tempe, Arizona area and recently lost custody of Gabriel.

At first, she sent text messages to the baby’s father, Logan McQueary, and told him that she killed their son.  Later, she claimed that she gave the baby to a couple in San Antonio.

The truth of the matter is that Gabriel Johnson is still missing.  There is both a missing persons investigation and a murder investigation pending at this time. No one really knows what happened to the baby.

Elizabeth Johnson was arrested in Miami, Florida – but was found without her son.  She hasn’t led authorities to her baby, either.

With authorities grasping at straws, some reports indicate that Gabriel Johnson may be disguised as a little girl. This would thwart investigators and individuals trying to find a baby boy.

It’s confusing as to why Elizabeth Johnson won’t co-operate with authorities.  There are numerous theories as to what could be behind the scenario.  Could Elizabeth Johnson have sold her son? Is she keeping quiet to torture the boy’s father – who she says “ruined” her life? Did she kill her son? Did she sell him or give him away? Is he a victim of human trafficking?

Hopefully, the boy is still alive and being cared for.  Each day that passes makes the investigation that much harder.

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