Pants on the Ground Game Dirty or Digital?

Pants on the Ground game? Does it sound dirty to you? Actually, the Pants on the Ground game comes from General Larry Platt’s viral American Idol Atlanta audition song.  Since the 62 year old showed up in front of Simon Cowell and Mary J. Blige and sang a song he wrote himself after seeing someone with sagging pants, the song has been a cultural icon.

Not only are people watching and re-watching the “Pants on the Ground” YouTube video, they are also purchasing t-shirts, buttons, decals, bumper stickers, and other products featuring the slogan.

Everyday Joes aren’t the only ones taking notice.  Brett Favre and Jimmy Fallon both used General Larry Platt’s “Pants on the Ground” for hilarious re-performances.

What is the “Pants on the Ground” game? Well, it’s not dirty.  It’s actually a digital game that you can play on sites such as TMZ.  The basic premise of the game is to keep a pair of men’s jeans from falling on the ground.  The longer you can keep the pants OFF the ground, the higher your score.

The best thing about the Pants on the Ground game? It’s absolutely free.

The worst thing? It will keep you from being productive.  I planned on having this post done about 30 minutes ago, but I got sidetracked playing the Pants on the Ground game.

Click here for the Pants on the Ground UTube VIDEO

Click here to play the Pants on the Ground Game.

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