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Sasha Cohen 2010 Olympics A Big Comeback for Figure Skating

Sasha Cohen 2010 Olympics: a big comeback for figure skating. Sasha Cohen has set her sights on the 2010 Olympics, much to the  happiness of many of her fans.  Figure skating hasn’t seen Sasha Cohen since 2006 when she won a bronze medal that the World Championships.  She won a silver medal at the Turin Olympics.

Sasha Cohen is 25, and has to compete against girls that are much younger than she is.  She won’t gain one of the two seats on the US Olympic team without proving herself to the world.

Will Sasha Cohen make the Olympic team? It’s hard to say at this point, although it’s going to be really hard for her to do so.  Judges take into consideration wins at recent events, and Sasha has been out of the picture for four years.

If she finishes in the top 2 at the United States Figure Skating Championships, she’s got a great shot. However, during practice it is said that she fell performing a triple flip and stumbled a couple of times during practice.  Here and now – more than ever -perfection is crucial.

Hopefully Sasha Cohen’s 2010 Olympics bid will work out well for her.  The New York Times pointed out that she looked “ready” and not “rusty.” Even though she’s not been in competitions recently, she has still been practicing.


New York Times

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