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Ayla Brown American Idol Contestant and Daughter of Scott Brown

Ayla Brown American Idol contestant and daughter of Scott Brown.  Up until last night, Ayla Brown was predominately known as a season 5 American Idol candidate.  Now, her father – Scott Brown- is the Senator elect of Massachusetts.

Remember, Scott Brown is the first Republican to win a Senate seat in Massachusetts since the 1970’s.  He beat out Democrat Martha Coakley- someone that even President Obama campaigned for.

During her American Idol audition, she sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”  She was moved to the Hollywood rounds, although Simon called her “robotic” and “somewhat empty.”

Ayla Brown sang “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” last night shortly after her father’s victory was announced.  The Massachusetts Senate Race was called relatively quickly after polls were closed.

Simon Cowell calling Ayla Brown “Robotic” isn’t as embarrassing as the moments that she incurred during Scott Brown’s acceptance speech.

Scott Brown told the world that his 19 and 21 year old daughters were “available.”

When he tried to play off the comment, he said he was only kidding.  He said Arianna (Ayla’s sister) isn’t available but that Ayla was.

Yikes.  Well – there you have it gentlemen. Ayla Brown, American Idol contestant and Scott Brown’s daughter – could very well be available.

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    1. George says:

      Very funny comment from the father. Yikes! indeed.


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