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All White Basketball League a Big Controversial Team

All white basketball league? What a  big, controversial team! Yes, there exists an all white basketball league – or at least a promoter wants to start one.  In order to qualify for the league, members must be natural born Americans and born to Caucasian parents.

At first, I thought that the all white basketball league was some sort of sick joke or Twitter hoax.  However, when I read about it on NBC sports, I realized that the story was legit.

Don “Moose” Lewis, the commissioner of the AABA is a former professional wrestling promoter.  He claims that there is no hatred behind his league, and that he just wants to move beyond “street ball” to fundamental basketball.

The press release which announced the new league was issued hours before Martin Luther King Jr day, which is pretty ironic and kind of … strange timing if you ask me.

As with everything there are two sides to every story.  There are those that think that the all white basketball league is racist.  There are others that think there is nothing wrong with the league.

Here is a comment from each side of the argument from an article on NBC Sports.

If there was an all-black league, would anyone here be complaining? If someone wanted to start an all-female league because they didn’t like playing in co-ed leagues because the male athletes had an unfair physical advantage, would anyone complain?

I don’t have a problem with the league, and I’m not white. People should be free to start any club they like, and they are free to exclude people too.

Curves excludes men, but gentlemen’s clubs are sexist?

Get rid of the double standards here!  – Chris Singh

Is this guy a klansman or something? Gimme a break. It’s bad enough that our that the paper in Montgomery, AL was calling Monday “Martin Luther Kind/Robert E. Lee Day”. As a yankee forced to live in Mobile, AL to support my family, I’m totally sick of these racist jackasses who want aryans only, but claim it isn’t a racial thing.

Makes me want to puke. I’m sure they claim to be good Christians as well. – Woody

 So what do you think? Is the all white basketball league understandable, or is it racist?


    63 Responses to “All White Basketball League a Big Controversial Team”

    1. westwisha says:

      Mutha fuccaz need lesser comp to compete lol

    2. Guess Who says:

      Yes people would be complaining if there were an all black league; and I am Black. It is not necessary. And hello!! there is an all female league, it’s called the WNBA. Separating gender makes sense; women can’t play fairly with men. Separating race does not make sense. Is he implying that all black people play “street ball”? What exactly does that mean? The play by the rules of the NBA.

      • JrS5 says:


      • Ms Danner says:

        This guy is an Idiot! These racist groups kill me trying to disguise their racism behind their organizations. My thing is this if you don’t want to be apart of a world that has multicultures then go buy an island and take and breed all the white people you want over there! I call people that hide behind their true agendas Cowards! This guy and all his supporters are RACIST:( It’s 2010 GET OVER IT!!!! Black people and any other race/culture other than white will continue to populate.

      • The Mrs. says:

        I personally think the whole thing is dumb. What is he trying to be? The new grand wizard for the kkk? I am just going to say it some white people will never change and who cares. As long as im not disrespected in the process of their stupidity its good. (Off subject but not by a long shot) I always wondered how the kkk can rally and not be arrested? They havce police escorts to protect them. Now terrorist bomb and terrorize people gang members kill beat and terrorize people what sets the klan apart from those two organizations. B/c if you are a suspected terrorist or gang memeber the law will get after you. So what makes them so different? My apologize if my comment is a bit off topic but the foolishness that I read above took me here. He is secretly a racist and as most klan are to cowardly to say it openly. COWARD

      • Junie says:

        I agree with you 100%. What does he mean by “Street Ball”? Does this mean that only black people play street ball and only white people play conventional ball? Deosn this mean that “The Professor” from the And1 mix tape, street ball legend would be excluded from this league because he’s a street baller? The real question is…who’s picking up the tab for renting the gyms, uniforms and paying the refs? I know one thing, if they ain’t paying for it themselves, I, as a black man, would demand to play in this league or I’d get arrested for sitting in the middle of the court.

      • Yungwun says:

        what he be sayin is that the way the game used to be played…no showboating no dunkin…just skill and finesse…you got to be remembering most white folks can’t jump no matter what that movie say

    3. c-lo goodie says:

      I’m from Montgomery and a progressive thinker, and I hate the fact that people want to worship a hateful racist past and call it history, but hey… if they want to live in the mental stoneage and be ignorant, so be it! I agree with you 100%, but if whites want to segregate, then let it be. As long as they don’t start any mess when non-white people want to attend the all-white game, things will be ok, but I highly doubt that will be the case. This promoter sounds like the Rush Limbaugh of Sports and he is calling out all the undercover racists/republicans that are unfortunately in overwhelming numbers in the south. The whole point of sports is to bring people together, not separate them. They have tremendously helped in creating racial harmony to the world, so it seems backwards to do this.

    4. alicia a says:

      I have no problem with it, and i wish they would have a all black NBA team with no whites, wghites are the ones always complaining.. they complain about BET and any fool can see BET has whites on there!! Good luck with that because that would be a sorry tail league and i wouldnt pay a nickel to that mess!

    5. amen ra ptah says:


    6. SOUTHPHILLY says:

      Ofcourse everyone is entitled to their own opinion and freedom of speech but an all white basketball league will only fuel a division in a professional sport that has overcome those same divisionS. I don’t know what kind of basketball Mr. Lewis watches but every basketball game does not remind me of streetball. I wish these guys would just be honest and say the truth. There are not enough American born caucasian players in the NBA so they need a league that give those caucasian players, that don’t have the matching skills or athletic ability to play NBA ball, somewhere to play. And to make sure these players get a chance to play, lets make it WHITE ONLY. LOL SOUNDS RACIAL TO ME.

    7. DRE says:

      Man this got to be the funniest sh*t i ever heard…SEGRETIST & SEPRETIST ideology just stops progressive unity…and as far as MLK/rel day in montgomery,psss…how can u place hate,rape,slaughter of children & tierny on the same scale as notibly one of the most foreseen advocates for nonviolence?..I’m sorry AA’s of mont/ala but it would officially time for me and my family to get the hell out of there.And dont get twisted my AA’s of mont/ala im from i know they still around..i just know how my community would react of that ..sometime think its all about a constant slap in the face for AA’s at whatever cost in Amerikkka.

    8. c-lo goodie says:

      @ Dre

      It is a slap in the face and it hurts me everyday. Schools still named after racist confederate generals with confederate flags displayed on their walls. They call that mess heritage, not hate… Please!!! Then the seal of the city even pushes that mess… “The Cradle of the Confederacy” with “The Birthplace of the Civil Righs Movement”… GTFOH with that foolishness. But, that just goes to show you how the good ole boys network is alive and well in Montgomery.

    9. c-lo goodie says:

      @ Dre

      It is a slap in the face and it hurts me everyday. It is really sad that schools are still named after racist confederate generals have confederate flags displayed on their walls. They call that mess heritage, not hate… Please!!! Then the seal of the city even pushes that mess… “The Cradle of the Confederacy” with “The Birthplace of the Civil Righs Movement”… GTFOH with that foolishness. But, that just goes to show you how the good ole boys network is alive and well in Montgomery.

    10. twixmix says:

      What ever happened to no discrimination regardless of race, color, or nationality?

    11. buju says:

      Maybe its time for an all black hockey team…Then again i can’t stand the dang cold.

    12. maturi says:

      sad…. damn shame if u ask me…? why cant we all just get along…did we not learn anything from Rodney King people? ……… “I mean, we TaLking about PRaCTicE!!!!!!”…..Lol!!! let them start there own league…..All White huh?! … might be fun…

    13. Frogg says:

      No one will support this league anyway and I really don’t see it being entertaining or successful. Sponsors will shy away from it due to potential backlash this league could recieve.

      As for the person suggesting white people who wish to alienate themselves from society go and get an island. I believe they tried that in American about 500 years ago, but then they realized we can’t make it on our own.

    14. mart says:

      who cares. it would never turn a profit anyway.

    15. angelrm says:

      I think this is hilarious…if someone claims to “move beyond streetball” and go to fundamentals I’m guessing he thinks only black(or minority) people play streetball and it’s some sort of abomination to the sport…if that were true why is the NBA has a lot of firing to do…haha…I wouldn’t mind this guy making his hitler-basketball league and put it against any team that plays “streetball” and we’ll see who wins…it’s 2010…time to move on from stupid sh** like this…so at this point ignorant people don’t anger me anymore they just provide a good laugh and a little pity

    16. CB says:

      All I will write is this; IF this league becomes a legal corporation, let’s get into the public records and flush out all the officers and investors and hold them accountable. Obviously this idiot is doing this for racist publicity and although he has that right, I personally don’t like it.

    17. BigDawgg00 says:

      I laugh at this sh*t.. Now they are saying that black people play street ball… Hmmmm well let’s see… Tim Duncan he’s black, he’s a 4 time NBA Champion 3 time finals mvp, voted to the all star game multiple of times and he’s one of the most fundamental players that basketball has ever seen. Point two Michael Jordan. 6x NBA Champion, 10 scoring titles, all star M.V.P’S, 6 final M.V.P’S and now if I’m mistaken did he play street ball?!? No he played fundamental team basketball. Point 3 the 2004-2008 Pistons. Now did they play “STEET BALL” or did they play team organized fundamental basketball. They didnt have a “street baller” So what the f*ck are these so called non racist people talking about?? I’m mixed with black and german and I played professional ball. Now if this league was to take off… Who is really going to go see this pathetic league that has no stars nor players with skill.. To be in the NBA you have to have skill which I know cause I’ve been there. So these white racist azz white people need to get out of the past. I didn’t know Thomas Jefferson was still in office….

    18. Jay May says:

      This is by FAR the funniest bit of news I’ve seen all day. For one, it’s 2010! I thought we as a nation were passed all the racism BS that has been bringing this country down for over 500 years. When will racists wake up and realize that BLACK PEOPLE aren’t going anywhere. You brought us here so deal with it. If you didn’t want us dominating almost every sport created you should’ve thought twice before putting my ancestors on that damn boat! And secondly, I’m the farthest from a racist, but in my opinion(as well as many others), and all White basketball league will make NO money. There are many Whites who are excellent basketball players, but no one wants to watch JUST whites play basketball. Whoever thought of this idea, goodluck. You’ll be lucky if your a** isn’t broke and bankrupt 6 months after the first tip-off lol.
      **God bless**

    19. BigSmooov in DC says:

      This is too funny. You want to create an “all-american (all white)” league. FINE! You want to excludes blacks? FINE! Don’t play with our intelligence though. You are what you are. You are a racist. Pride in your race is one thing. Downing another makes you a racist. No one likes that title anymore….but still carry them selves as such.

      “I’m not a hooker…I just service the community with physical gradification.” LoL

      I use that analogy because I’m thinking about his quotes.

      “Street Ball by the black players” (translation = they can’t dunk, run as fast, and not physically compatible)

      “Players must be caucasion with caucasion mother and fathers” (Sounds like a bigot to me)

      “All-American Basketball Alliance” (blacks are not American?)

    20. goldy says:

      come on now, yall talkin bout all this racist stuff but really, who are going to watch a bunch of white boys play basketball? nobody! so all yall need to shut up cause blacks got sports on lock.

    21. Whatever says:

      All-American Basketball Team consisting of all white’s. There is such a thing, practically go to Europe. They have their leagues where “All-American’s” belong or can play, EUROPE!! LOL Go back to your country LOL. This land was here before it was”founded”, with what we call Native’s, or Indian’s or Mexican’s. LOL All-American’ funny to me…

      What I’m getting at is the “American” is the by product of the European’s, Native’s, African’s, Mexican’s and any other race that traveled here by choice or not and created children by either choice or rape. We are all American’s. So when you say WHITE league to me, I think EUROPEAN basketball…… Get a life, KiLL all Racist and Rapist…LOL, this was fun and funny to me, meaning WHAT A JOKE! (That last part is for the special people who can’t look past words..)

    22. Mike Larry says:

      What does he mean by get back to the “wants to move beyond “street ball” to fundamental basketball.”?? That only white people can play with fundamentals? I don’t feel that race should should have a place on a person skill on the court.. I’ve played one basketball teams before and the best people got play time no matter what race. If he is unhappy about the number of white stars in the NBA he should start camps to make them better instead of lowering the grade of play with only one group of players..K

    23. Linna Love says:

      WHAT A JOKE!
      It’s like the cat tied to the grandfather clock trying to catch a mouse. I believe in diversity all the way, but sometimes All black, and All women teams/organizations are necessary because in a society run by WHITE MEN, who do the women and blacks have.

    24. sidney says:

      I don’t think it is a problem for a all white team, I am a black man, but I do think that the reference of street ball is ignorant.The NBA would not exist without street ball or black players. But a white basketball team is something I have no problems with. Who is going to really watch it and how long will it last. But its a good thing for the white guys who want to be apart of this. Hey…most of your NBA teams and NFL teams are predominantly black anyway. So stop hating and welcome these changes as long as they don’t discriminate.As a black man, I support this team and its direction.

    25. KEEDI says:


    26. L.e.e.P. says:

      I believe that any person can start any club that he/she likes. We will just see how successful it is. I know there will be a tryout line from NY to LA. I am a 32 yr old black male. And I have no problem with this league. After a few years, there should be a AABA vs NBA Allstar game. Loser stops kidding around and shuts that joke of a league down. — My Thoughts

    27. o says:

      Who cares… Who wants to play with sub-par competition? If your an athlete you want to play at the highest level… WTF does street ball mean… Does the NBA or college basketball “NOT” teach fundamentals…lmbo Be serious and at least be man enough to call it what it is… just say you don’t want to play with blacks or non-whites. Funny and I say let them do it!

    28. wendy says:

      I think that will be a good ideal and I think they should get rid of org. that fight for minority groups get rid of it hire who you want when you want who else agrees with me Keep in mind the Caucasian race will be the minority soon so lets get on board start it now so it can be all set and ready for when Hispanics are the majority …..

    29. Adams says:

      I’m black, but I really really really want to see this. I laugh at this because it is just so transparent. Let him have it. I mean, obviously the man is trying to establish some type of feeling of dominance through something. He can go on with his little league and they’ll play their little games. What it really comes down to is that he and most likely his players are not good enough for the NBA. Plenty of non blacks play street ball, and the NBA is clearly not an all black organization…so you know what it is. If the argument is that blacks (or whomever the implied “street ballers” are) have taken over, I can say take your grievances to the people in charge. Not too long ago all the sports that have been “infiltrated” were for whites only. But what’s this? Who is that boy playing “street ball? Look at his moves! Look how he dominates on the court/field! We could use him to get to that championship trophy! We would be #1 with him! He is not good enough to use the same bathroom, but he is good enough to win for us. Hell, his ancestors were good enough to cook/clean/farm/labor/build our country for us! Some people are just stuck.
      Though I do think it would be hilarious to see his league play against those from the NBA. How do you like the taste of that ball buddy? Lol.

    30. Hec says:

      Lebron James = Black. Kobe Bryant= Black. Chris Paul= Black. what top player is white? nash= canadian dirk= european mike bibby= black Street Ball? all the top players in the nba are black. how many white guys were on the USA team??? 1 or 2? this is so Racist. I am not black by the way, I am spanish.That team is going to suck and not win 1 game.`

    31. JackT says:

      the only time it would be ok to have an all white team, is if whites were not allowed to participate in existing leagues. That’s not the case here, so this is just racist grand standing. No wonder this came from the south, those people still have not gotten over losing the civil war.

    32. Stanley says:

      Im black and all I have to say about this is my people need to stop complaining about every damn thing. If this guy wants to start an all white league its his perogative to do so. This is a prime example of a man looking out for his own kind. when will black people wake up and look out for their own and stop killing one another and maybe we will have our own black league. This is not anyone’s business but the people who play in it and the league owner period. On the subject of segregation I know its 2010 and segregation was suppose to be out the window 50 years ago, but with that said everything is not for everyone somethings are just private some parties you just aren’t invited to DEAL WITH IT. There are not any black Nascar drivers period which I think is kinda foul, but you are welcome to go to the races anytime you like. Hardly anytime black Hockey players, Skiers, etc… everything is not for everyone, yeah black people can ball and that’s why you can find 25 different all black leagues in a hood near you. What im getting at is everything is not for everyone if he wants his league give it to him it will fold but by all means this is america and he has the right to start any type of league he wants he could have a all midgets league if he wanted so stop whining and find some business that pertains to you. Go watch a NBA game niggaz get paid pretty well in that league tell um to take them rims off their cars and create an all black league and then we talking for us by us sh1t.

    33. TGOOD says:

      and they say racism is gone. Maybe I’ll start an all black hockey or baseball league.!

      • Brendan says:

        Ok I understand you attacking hockey cuz there are only 19 blacks in it but there are many in baseball and good such as cc sabathia Justin upton bj upton Ryan howard prince fielder mike Cameron Gary Sheffield those are just some of american born blacks in baseball….. All all star players too

    34. Jeezy F Baby says:

      Lmao!!! woww, there’s no way you can form an ALL WHITE league & claim that its not racist! But just for the laughs, i’d like to see this happen. I mean, who’s gonna watch, support or enjoy this league???? Its like….watching… :)

    35. SpottieOttieDopalisciousAngel says:

      I’m a Black female, and basketball player. I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. When he mentioned getting away from street ball. I thought, hey, they have the AND1 league, which is a league outside of the NBA. Why not a fundamental league outside of it? Only, AND1 doesn’t have race requirements. They had a very good White player, The Professor. Sure he was the only one, but they never said, “you have to be American and have Black parents”. That’s ridiculous. Then I thought, well, back when Black players weren’t allowed in the NBA, there was a Black professional league. You have to remember though, the NBA back then had race requirements also. It doesn’t now. There are several races, and nationalities in the NBA today. So, they lose me there again. Why should they have race requirements, when it’s clear they are not being discriminated against? It is reality that there are sport White people are better and than Blacks, and vice versa. I didn’t know anyone was still pretending we’re not different. You don’t see Black professional golfing associations, hockey leagues, etc. Everything just isn’t for everybody. If you’re not at a professional level in something, you’re just not. You cannot redefine professional to satisfy your own egos. Those men in the NBA, and some of those playing professionally in other countries, are the best in the world. Same as the professionals in other sports. Whether you see this as racist or not, it is definitely divisive. It is also obvious that they are a bunch of guys that can’t cut it, and can’t accept it. There are people all over the country that love to play the game of basketball, and aren’t professionals. That doesn’t make us any less players. You can just do it because you love it, and go on with your lives. It’s a lot better than using their resentment of their own shortcomings to fuel hatred. It’s not that serious. Do something else. Sheesh!

    36. Truth says:

      As a black man I am fine with his idea of creating a league on the foundation of basketball fundamentals but I think that I can say this with agreement of a large portion of the ethnic community that it is only on the fact that there is a criteria on who can participate in this league that there is a issue. By having a racial stipulation cements the idea that this league is being formed on the grounds of racism and not “getting back to the fundamentals
      As there have been remarks as to “In the “hood” there are black only leagues” is a misnomer. Area leagues reflect the population so in a largely minority populated area of the build of the league would be primarily built of minority players but that goes to say should a player of a Caucasian background wish to play he would not be denied on a basis of race.

      Lastly I say to this individual that is starting this league fundamentals are prevalent in the NBA with only a few actual “street ballers” making it ie. Skip to my Lou (Rafer Alston) but the NBA is diverse and it take a diverse team to hit on all cylinders ie. Chicago Bulls, Jordan dribbles up the court, drives to the basket and dishes out to Kerr for three.

      The Truth is: No matter where the court is any basketball player is weary of a black man inside the three point line and a white man outside the three point line, until they prove otherwise.

    37. garry says:

      Wow this would be great wish i could play gary

    38. mark larsen says:

      This is America, if he wants to have whites-only league he should be free to do so. Blacks have BET, NAACP, blacks-only colleges, etc…. To the blacks that are whining that this league would be racist: apply your logic to your OWN organizations/TV channel/ black-only colleges and tell me how they are not racist!!!!!! Whites are growing very tired of the Political-Correctness and double-standards which benefit only blacks/so-called minorities in this country.

    39. GenHeaterz says:

      …rofl u niggas kill me. So when we do some all black stuff it;s cool. But when sum white folks do something for there people it’s a problem? Lmao get the fluck out of here. Guess we gonna use this black/white stuff tilt he end of time. if they wanna do that that’s on them who we to say its racist. We can make a all black leaue if we want and u don’t see them whinin bout it. But soon as someone white does something for white people it’s a problem. Whatever suckas get over it. It’s 2010 worry about your flucked up life not something like this. It’s no biggie.

    40. EFeezy says:

      calm down everyone, let them start their “Whites Only” fundamental league… this will be by far the funniest $h!T I’ve ever seen LOL. It’s 2010, i think its time to just sit back and get a good laugh out of Racist making a complete fool out of themselves.

    41. forreal * says:

      mark larsen says:
      January 23, 2010 at 8:04 am

      This is America, if he wants to have whites-only league he should be free to do so. Blacks have BET, NAACP, blacks-only colleges, etc…. To the blacks that are whining that this league would be racist: apply your logic to your OWN organizations/TV channel/ black-only colleges and tell me how they are not racist!!!!!! Whites are growing very tired of the Political-Correctness and double-standards which benefit only blacks/so-called minorities in this country.

      GenHeaterz says:
      January 24, 2010 at 2:12 am

      …rofl u niggas kill me. So when we do some all black stuff it;s cool. But when sum white folks do something for there people it’s a problem? Lmao get the fluck out of here. Guess we gonna use this black/white stuff tilt he end of time. if they wanna do that that’s on them who we to say its racist. We can make a all black leaue if we want and u don’t see them whinin bout it. But soon as someone white does something for white people it’s a problem. Whatever suckas get over it. It’s 2010 worry about your flucked up life not something like this. It’s no biggie.

      ITA agree with these 2 posters.. black people got everything for themselves.. do we have WHITE entertainment television? NO. Do we have all WHITE colleges? NO. But ohhh my god, hell will freeze over if WHITE people do ANYTHING of the sort. If anything at all now a days, BLACK people are more racist then anyone. And I’m wondering what the excuse will be now since the president is bi-racial.. can’t blame it on “the white man” any longer.

    42. Brendan says:

      Ummm hello whi.tes now can’t do shit without a minority botching or complaining get your heads out of your I’m white and I love blacks but cmon now don’t say an a W.hiteleague is raceist the NBA is 90% black and you know what is raceist is BET black entertainment my point has been proven

    43. Tyrone says:

      I’m black Whites should make a league of there own for basketball I tottally understand they don’t have any american born all star players anymore we started taking over the NBA from 92 when bird retired to about 2000 when Stockton was gone. I just wish all sports were as fair as baseball and there was a bit of all races and I have never heard of any sort of raceism come from another reason why baseball is an awesome and fair sport I’m 26 and everyone of my friends and family like this idea of a white league. A round of applause to the MLB for maintaining order in there leauge

    44. Brendan says:

      Whites without a question are way less raceist than blacks who can’t stop complaining because of a skin color IDc what your skin color is I think about how the person is

    45. TJ25 says:

      Lets get real, How many white american NBA players are there? This guys not trying to be a racist hes just trying to give us poor white guys a shot at basketball. im 5’10 and can barely grab rim. I’m a good fundemental player, decent shooter but do I have a shot at the NBA? No, I don’t. Most of the guys that will sign up to play in this league are just guys that want to step up from rec league ball and play in a league they have a chance to be good in. This is not a stab at black people. White guys want to play basketball. I really don’t see why this is such a big deal. Most black people i know would love to watch an all white guy basketball game. LOL

    46. Andrew says:

      Wow what a terrible idea me myself am white and could tell you it would be entertaining in a funny way

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