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Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate Race Democrats Beat By Republicans

Scott Brown wins Massachusetts Senate Race.  Republican Scott Brown is the first Republican since the 1970’s to win Massachusetts Senate seat.  Many people are indicating that the Brown-Coakley Senate race is indicative of how the 2010 mid term elections that will take place in November will be.

According to the Associated Press, Scott Brown is the projected winner. 71 to 73% of the votes are in and the vote remains 46% Coakley 53%  Brown

Many Americans voted for change in 2008. Granted, they got change – but not the change they desired.  Many feel as if they are being force-fed a healthcare reform bill that could cost them thousands of dollars. What started out as a good thing for America has turned in to somewhat of a catalyst for a political upheaval.

Scott Brown will join the ranks of other dynamic Republicans.  Seemingly out of nowhere, the Kennedys and the Clintons have been replaced by the Palins and Browns.

My how the tables have turned.

That being said, healthcare reform could still pass even with Brown in office.  However, the Senate will lose its filibuster proof majority.

Also notable about the Massachusetts Senate Race is the fact that President Obama campaigned for the Democratic candidate without avail.  This makes four times in his first year of office that he has put his credibility on the line and has lost the race.  This is a strong change from his very dynamic and inspiring campaign.

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    1. Stan says:

      Obama! So much for trying to jam big government down our throats!


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