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Massachusetts Senate Race Update A Close Race

Massachusetts Senate Race update: A close race exists between Democrat Martha Coakley and Republican Scott Brown in a very important Senate race for the seat held by the late Ted Kennedy.  The Massachusetts Senate seat has historically been predominately Democratic, but things may be about to change.


Polls currently favor Scott Brown, although the offical vote count has not been completed.  Massachusetts is such a small and sophisticated state that it isn’t expected to be long before the final tally is in.

So why is the state favoring a Republican candidate this time around? For one thing, health care reform is on the forefront of many people’s minds and there are so many people that are outraged at what is going on at Capital Hill.

With 9% of the votes counted, Brown has 52% to Coakley’s 47% – meaning the race is quite tight.

Martha Coakley would favor the healthcare bill that is currently making its way through Congress, where electing Scott Brown could stop the reform dead in its tracks, as Democrats in the Senate won’t have the seats needed to simply push legislation through.

***BREAKING UPDATE*** Click for new updated poll information

The Massachusetts Senate Race is a great portrait of what is going on throughout the country – those that love the reform versus those that want nothing more than to Kill the Bill.

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