2010 Golden Globes Winners Announcements Are Coming Slowly

2010 Golden Globes winners announcements are coming slowly, and there are many who are very excited about the 2010 Golden Globes winners list.  So far, the entire list of winners hasn’t been announced because the ceremony is still underway.  However, those that have been made known are very exciting.

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So far, the 2010 Golden Globes awards winners include Michael C. Hall for his role as Dexter and John Lithglow for his role as the “Trinity Killer” during the last season of Dexter. Their game of cat-and-mouse during the last season left many people shocked – especially at the end of the season.

Michael C Hall has a serious health condition. Click here for more details.

Also included on the winners list are Toni Collette for her role as Tara in United States of Tara – a hilarious comedy about a woman with multiple personalities.

Monique also got an award for her role in “Precious”  Read more about the movie “Precious” here.

Stay tuned for more Golden Globe 2010 updates throughout the night.

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