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Enlarged Heart Blamed for Gaines Adams Death

Enlarged Heart blamed for Gaines Adams’ death. Gaines Adams died today suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 26.  An enlarged heart was discovered by the coroner.  He is a pro football player for the Chicago Bears.  At first, there was a lot of speculation that Gaines Adam died from drug use, but the only drugs that he ever admitted to taking was marijuana.

Marijuana is still frowned upon by the NFL, and penalties for smoking pot are just as harsh as taking cocaine or crack.

Disturbingly, Gaines Adams isn’t the only athlete to die this week of an enlarged heart. Jeron Lewis, a Southern Indiana University basketball player died unexpectedly on Thursday.  The cause? Enlarged heart.

According to Richard Kerber MD“In a majority of cases, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is inherited and develops over time, typically in the late teenage years. Symptoms include black-out spells, unexplained dizziness, and chest pains that occur briefly during competition or training, but then disappear with rest.”

Basically, this means that Gaines Adams may have had no symptoms prior to his death. Either that, or he had symptoms while he was under intense training that disappeared while he was at rest.

Disturbingly, enlarged hearts can go undetected even with rigorous monitoring.  This is why each and every episode of chest discomfort or pain shouldn’t go without treatment.

Gaines Adams’ death from enlarged heart is disturbing. Our thoughts are with his family who has lost a loved one and his team who has lost their brother.

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