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Unsafe India

A BPO employee was gang raped by 10 men and she was found unconscious near a hillock in Pune. Conflicting stories are doing the rounds regarding the circumstances of rape. One indicates that she might have been raped in her room and another points to the company pickup cab driver who called her out and incidentally drove her to an isolated place where she was raped by him and his cronies.

Another incident that reveals how unsafe single working women are in India. After the Scarlet Keeling case there was a British journalist who lodged a similar complaint and the accused received instant bail. These incidents have become a regular feature of ‘Shining India”.

Men seem to be viewing women only as an object of sexual gratification and nothing more. The male dominated society of India seems to be incapable of accepting working women whom they see as easy prey and consider “open” in their views of sex.

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