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Pants on the Ground Original Video A Hit

Pants on the Ground original video General Larry Platt Pants on the Ground original video from the Atlanta auditions of American Idol are a big success. The viral success of the General’s original song “Pants on the Ground” isn’t only a viral original video, it’s also blown up into a full-fledged cultural icon.

We’ve all seen them – people walking down the road with sagging pants. Many of us roll our eyes at how ridiculous people with their pants on the ground, but General Larry Platt took things one step further and wrote his breakout song.

Who would have thought that a song about pants by a 62 year old former Civil Rights activist would be such a big phenomenal hit?  For an older gentleman, the General could really move.

Click here to watch the Pants on the Ground Original Youtube Video

Even cynical Simon Cowell was taken aback by the performance, and stated that we would see plenty more of General Larry Platt’s original “Pants on the Ground.”

After millions of Youtube hits and many products for sale on sites such as eBay, the General has proven that you don’t have to win American Idol to become a phenomenal success.

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