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Carrie Prejean Bathing Bikini Nipple and Boyfriend Drum up Drama

Carrie Prejean bathing bikini nipple and boyfriend drum up drama.  Carrie Prejean, the “Christian” elitist has been spotted in a bathing suit loving on her boyfriend Kyle Boller.  The two were spotted exchanging a kiss in deep blue waters, and Carrie Prejean was a little … shall we say…exposed?

Carrie Prejean is best known now for her “sex tape” which was actually a video of herself –with herself.  There are allegedly many more tapes out there somewhere but none so far have surfaced.

Read about the Carrie Prejean sex tapes here.

During her sex tape scandal, Carrie Prejean threatened to walk off the Larry King Live show.  In addition, throughout the whole scandal she maintained her “Christian” roots.

Now, being a Christian is great and all, but many think that Carrie Prejean is a little two-faced.  On one hand you have someone who maintains she has high moral standards, but then you see her let her nipple slip while in the arms of a man.

Still yet, Carrie Prejean remains famous for being fired from Miss America. She will always be under the scrutiny of the media, especially after holding herself out to having higher morals than the average person.

The Carrie Prejean nipple slip experienced recently will just be added to the fallen beauty queen’s laundry list of questionable indiscretions.

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    1. NRC says:

      How is she two-faced? When did she say it was wrong to have your nipple accidently slip out? So you think she meant to have her nipple slip out? You are a moron. Keep your thoughts to yourself until you come up with something remotely educated to say.
      Thank you

    2. Mendy Guinto says:

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