Lady Gaga On Oprah, A Bow, and More

Lady Gaga on Oprah was a gift-bearing event. Lady Gaga gave Oprah a hair bow as a gift.  Of course, the guest was as shocking as ever, and Lady Gaga’s hair will definitely be the center of discussions for many days.

As always, Lady Gaga brings controversy.  She all-out canceled a show at Purdue University because of an illness,but then showed up on Oprah looking incredibly healthy less than twenty-four hours later.

Gaga fans aren’t totally out in the dark.  The show has been re-scheduled to January 26th.  In addition to news about that show, Lady Gaga informed everyone that proceeds from her New York concert on January 24th will go to pay for Haitian earthquake victims.

If there’s one thing about Lady Gaga on Oprah, it was the singers’ hair.  Her Spiky do was something totally crazy, and fit right in with the story that she told Oprah about getting herself started using “shock art.”

Shock is something that Lady Gaga does best, after all.

There’s some conversation going on about whether or not Lady Gaga’s performance was pre-recorded or not.  Some think that her “illness” may be related to her voice, and perhaps she lip-synced her Oprah performance to rest.

No matter what, we love Lady Gaga.  Lady Gaga on Oprah was a great interview and was a great insight in to the life of the shocking singer.

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