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8 Year Old Mikey Hicks Gets a Third Degree

Does this news shock you? Now when you further find out that the 8 year old is a blond, white, and blue eyed kid who also happens to be a boy scout, does the level of aggravation further increase?

Meet Mikey Hicks an 8-year-old from New Jersey who is a member of Cub Scout and a frequent flier. Because he shares his name with another Michael Hicks, this 8 years old gets the same treatment that most suspected terrorists get, a full third degree before he can board the plane.

The checks started when Mickey was all of two years old. Imagine a baby getting frisked and patted thoroughly but then I don’t blame TSA or security agencies. The crazies in middle east would agree to use babies to hide their explosives without missing a heart beat. Same goes for pregnant women or a cripple using a wheel chair to hide the stash.

Right now the internet is abuzz with this news and people are pretending to be shocked that TSA is flubbing by thoroughly checking an 8 year old who also happens to be a “boy scout”. I bet this “boy scout” tag was deliberately dug up to show the contrast. The more extreme the contrast the more shocked people get and more the news fly.

In my humble opinion, TSA is definitely not guilty of frisking an 8 year old but is guilty for not maintaining more columns in their database where they could store additional information about the suspects.

You could have more than one person by that name so how do you distinguish? Thats the strategy at which TSA or DHS seems to have had a shortcoming. But better safe than sorry.

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