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Kashmir Dispute

The Yuva Kranti Rally organized by the BJP youth wing (actually manned by pot-bellied uncles with the worst case of “FOREVER YOUNG SYNDROME”) to mark the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement of 1942 represented an anomaly of sorts.

It was wrought with religious undertones, complete with an artificial ice shiva-lingam on stage that the BJP politicians worshiped before making their statements. For the forthcoming elections the party has already chosen its agenda – the Ram Setu and the Amarnath Shrine land dispute.

LK Advani addressed the rally saying that agitation was not only of people of Jammu but “all patriotic Indians”. He went on to thank the people of Jammu who supported the movement. But whether he also meant to thank the Jammu Muslims needs to be confirmed here.

The BJP is reverting back to Hinduvta to again pitch one Indian against his neighbor and gain political mileage out of the whole Amarnath fiasco. They are very cleverly saying that they are not directly supporting the Amarnath Sansharsh Samiti and totally denying the presence of an economic blockade along the Srinagar-Pathankot Highway.

With the Kashmiri traders and the turncoat PDP threatening to cross the LoC to sell their produce across the border the situation has become even worse. The peace talks were somewhat useful in a solution being found to the problem after Kashmiri leaders volunteered to step out of the delegation team to facilitate talks between the Center and the Sangharsh Samiti.

But what the focus of the nation is being drawn to the fact if this agitation by the common Jammu resident has got anything to do with the Amarnath land at all. It is being seen as a spill over of the sense of neglect that the people have harbored for the past 60 years in contrast to the rest of the Valley whom they believe have been receiving all the attention.

In the recent episodes of NDTV’s talk show We The People the whole nation saw how the leaders of the country are just not willing to dispel their hard line image and take a step towards making things better. They just don’t listen to each other.

And what the average Kashmiri wants is only peace. The student who gave his comments at the end of the program was right in saying the Amarnath land issue is only a subplot when the actual problem is still that Kashmir is disputed land. Until the Government does not resolve this issue every other problem will be faced with similar fate.

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