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Tiger Woods Endorsements: GM Brakes on Tiger

Tiger Woods endorsements – GM has put the brakes on Tiger Woods and ended their sponsorship of the golfer.  Their original endorsement deal was set to expire at the end of 2008, but was extended to December 31, 2009.  On November 27, 2009 Tiger crashed one of the company’s Cadillac Escalades that they were letting him use for personal purposes. 

Click here to find out what GM plans to do with Tiger’s Cadillac.

Now, GM has joined the ranks of Accenture and AT&T and has canceled their sponsorship alltogether.  They are even making him return the vehicles that they gave him to use.

Gillette, Gatorade, and Tag Heuer are also among sponsors that are re-thinking or using the golfer less in their ads.  Golf Digest even suspended Woods’ column in their magazine.

Of course, the endorsement ending isn’t all that surprising – even if Tiger wasn’t in the middle of a scandal.  GM is barely hanging on by a string and spending money on endorsement deals isn’t exactly what they should do with the billions of taxpayer dollars they have received.

Tiger should still be okay.  I am assuming he can purchase himself his own vehicle – after all, even after losing millions in endorsement deals he’s still got a hefty chunk of change.

Of course, that’s all relative to what happens to Tiger and Elin Woods.  Are they going to get divorced? If Tiger and Elin do divorce, it will be tragic to Woods’ wealth.

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