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Tiger Woods Returns Free Cadillacs

Tiger Woods returns free Cadillacs after he was in a car accident that spawned a huge scandal. The Tiger Woods scandal has cost the golfer a lot – not just his free Cadillacs.  Remember, it was an Escalade that he crashed in a neighbor’s yard on November 27th. 

What’s going to happen to that free vehicle? GM is going to fix it and – get this – sell it.  There’s no telling what that vehicle will eventually sell for!

For those that think the scandal is the cause of the golfer having to return free Cadillacs, you may not be exactly right.  The deal with Cadillac to supply Tiger Woods with free cars ended back in 2008, but they allowed him to keep the vehicles.

As of December 31, 2009 Tiger was requested to give back all the free Cadillacs.

It’s not like he can’t afford to go out and buy a car for himself!

Tiger’s lost a lot because of this scandal.  Accenture and AT&T have dropped their sponsorships.  Gatorade dropped the “Tiger Focus” line of beverages – although they claim that decision was made months prior to the beginning of the scandal.

Tag Heuer and Gillette have scaled back their use of the golfer in their marketing.  “Golf Digest” suspended Woods’ column until he returns to professional golf.

Nike and EA Sports have both kept in tune with their original agreements with him, despite a study by two UC Davis professors that indicates that Tiger Woods sponsors’ investors have lost around 12 billion in wealth because of the scandal.  

Returning free Cadillacs is the least of Tiger Woods’ problems.  The golfer could be facing a divorce which could cost him half his wealth.

    9 Responses to “Tiger Woods Returns Free Cadillacs”

    1. Arcadian says:

      Isnt the frame bent??

      Not worth very much now.

      Should let him keep it, and let him drive it the way it is.

    2. Perry White says:

      Society is so bent it makes his Cadillac look like a work of art. Everyone clamors for se.x in the media and in their personal lives but wait till one of our role models steps out of line and wammmo! instant indignation.

    3. Suttersam says:

      Free Cadillacs? Mmmm I thought Tiger was a Buick Man?

    4. jean says:

      tiger baby if u even need a car,tiger babyu cat just call on me (that is a song)64 black an finddddddddddddddd.

    5. Mark says:

      It’s highly UN-likely that she will get half his wealth. They both had lawyers when she signed a solid pre-nump. As long as he didn’t force her to sign it or hide money….she’ll get a set amount. No matter how many girls he had relations with.

    6. smw says:

      so what…he had an affair,obviously she wasn’t woman enough to keep him honest. she only got with him because of his money and status anyway.LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!…. By the way, what are they doing regarding her assault charges? Erin is not the poor jilted wife that the media is portraying. Tiger does not need any endorsements so what if they take material things from him, he still has fans that adore him.

    7. Lou Strickland says:

      Who cares if GM will not give him free Cadillac or any GM cars. He has won so many cars in the tournament and he can afford to buy expensive cars. Be thankful to Tiger and they have free publicity for Cadillac crash. Wait when he comes back.


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