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Is the Cabbage Soup Diet Ideal for Weight Loss?

For years, people have tried losing weight on the Cabbage Soup Diet. The diet, which has often been referred to as a fad diet, has long been considered a great way to lose weight. Is the Cabbage Soup Diet really a healthy option for those who are trying to achieve their weight loss goals, however? Here are some of the things that you should know about the Cabbage Soup Diet.

Why Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Make You Lose Weight?

The reason the Cabbage Soup Diet is known to work is because you are greatly reducing the amount of calories that you are taking in each day by eating mostly cabbage soup. The cabbage soup recipe for this diet consists of a lot of healthy vegetables, which will ultimately cleanse your system. It is not at all uncommon for those who go on the Cabbage Soup Diet to lose between five to ten pounds for the seven days that you go on the day.

Are You Going to Be Hungry on the Cabbage Soup Diet?

One of the main factors that will determine whether a diet will be effective for you is how hungry you will be while you are on it. There is a chance that you may experience some hunger while you are on the Cabbage Soup Diet. Although the ingredients that go into the cabbage soup are high in fiber, it is likely that you will be eating much less than you normally do. While some days do allow you to eat rice or beef with your cabbage soup, this is going to be a drastic difference from the amount of food and type of food that most people consume in an ordinary day.

Will the Cabbage Soup Diet Lead to Long-Term Weight Loss?

If you are interested in long-term weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet is not a suitable option for you. There is a good chance that you will be able to lose a few pounds within seven days. The biggest problem, however, is that you are going to gain it all back once you go off the Cabbage Soup Diet and begin eating regularly again. The likelihood of keeping your weight off after going off the Cabbage Soup Diet is very slim.

To achieve long-term weight loss, the Cabbage Soup Diet is not the best option. If you are looking for a diet that allows you to cleanse your body for a week prior to going on a different diet or making lifestyle changes, the Cabbage Soup Diet may be right for you, however. It is simply not a diet that you can expect to be on to lose weight permanently with because you are only supposed to go on it for seven days at a time.

    5 Responses to “Is the Cabbage Soup Diet Ideal for Weight Loss?”

    1. Alexandra Winton says:

      Nice article. I used to use the “Cabbage Soup Diet” and it does really work. But, as you said above this option it is not for long term. To keep my weight off I am using FTF. However, Cabbage Soup Diet is very good to lose a few pounds quickly and clean your body.

      Good luck with your weight-loss

    2. Don L says:

      This is an interesting article in view of the fact that this is exactly what the pre-war Nazies used (saurkraut)to kill off their undesirable people after the populace complained about doctors injecting people and killing them.

      Read the Nazi Doctors -it took about three months on a cabbage diet to kill the average unwanted German.

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