Jon Gosselin New Girlfriend Another 25 Year Old

Jon Gosselin new girlfriend another 25 year old.  Jon Gosselin reportedly met his new love, Morgan Christie, while snowboarding in Utah.  This isn’t the first time that Jon Gosselin has found love in Utah.  He reportedly cheated on Kate Gosselin while in the state with Deanna Hummel.

Jon Gosselin is so in to his new girlfriend that reports indicate that he might even move to Utah to be closer to her.  Gosselin has had back luck lately, and his New York apartment was even ransacked.

Jon and Kate Gosselin are the parents of sextuplets and twins, and were the stars of TLC’s hit series “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” Their recent divorce left the show off-air and left fans without their weekly fix of the family.

Still yet, Jon has had many girlfriends since the summer 2009 split was announced.  He was first connected to Deanna Hummel, then Hailey Glassman and now Morgan Christie.

What do these girls have in common? They are all young.  Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend is only 25.

In the divorce, Kate was awarded primary caregiver of the children and also awarded the house. Recently, Kate had $7,000 extensions put in her hair which took about 2o hours.

Read about Kate’s new hair here.

What do you think about Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend? Is he dating too soon? Should he stick to women his own age? Leave yourcomments below.

    7 Responses to “Jon Gosselin New Girlfriend Another 25 Year Old”

    1. Ellen says:

      And there you have it. A new girlfriend and he’s ready to move cross-country AWAY from his 8 children. Doesn’t that say it all.

    2. mmc says:

      Jon ,for the love of God keep away from all women and get your head together.Move back to PA. to be close to your kids.They need you and you need them more. A new romance will only complicate your life.I heard rumors that maybe you would move out of state.I don’t believe that at all. I have been on your side even through your acting like a jerk. Your first priority is those 8 gorgeous kids. Now do what has to be done to put this family back together.!

    3. Mjbt says:

      These two amaze me. They are both so greedy, and yet they say things that would make you believe otherwise. I understand Jon who needs a woman, but I don’t understand that he will pursue that at the cost of neglecting his kids. Kate complains about the bills that have piled up due to the divorce, and yet pays for the most expensive extensions that I have ever heard of. Ok and she hates the media yet has her new do video taped and published in the media. You guys can’t have your cake and eat it too! Decide to care for your children, support them and live a normal boring life, believe me it will be less complicated and much much easier.

    4. dee says:

      they both are wrong, she only cares about her self, i’m sure she loves her kids but uses them, to make her look like a good mother.
      she sure has time to run around and spend on her self, sure i’m sure its free shes good at getting what she wants. she should stay home for awhile and be a mom to the kids, jon sure does not seem to give a care , poor kids, they are so pleased to have them, but to money hungry and selfish to give time to them, no wonder they missed the
      camera men

    5. Jenna says:

      Mjbt and Dee says it all. I agree with both of them 100%.

    6. Frann says:

      You people don’t know from what you talk about. It is done. Kate is rid of that idiot and she will soon be on TV again. Her following will be with her like any other TV celebrity. If you don’t want to watch, TURN THE CHANNEL FOR HEAVEN”S SAKE!! Jon is on his own. He is no longer married. He can do as he pleases. If he likes the 20 year olds, so what!

    7. I might have to examine with you here. Which isn’t one factor I normally do! I get pleasure from reading a put up that may make of us think. Moreover, thanks for allowing me to remark!


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