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Harry Reid Racist Comments Are Creating a Controversy in Washington

Harry Reid racist? Comments made by Senator Harry Reid during the 2008 elections are being construed as racist by many, and some are even calling for Senator Reid’s resignation because of these comments.

Harry Reid racist comments include calling President Barack Obama “light skinned” with “no negro dialect” – except, of course  when he wants it. President Obama has spoken with Senator Reid about the comments and says that he knows what is in Harry Reid’s heart and considers the book “closed.”

Is there a double standard? Harry Reid is a democrat, and one cannot help but wonder what the reaction would be if a republican had said the same comments that Reid did.

Harry Reid racist comments were made when he was stating that Obama was electable. This is when he offered the “light skinned” and “no negro dialect” explanations.

According to ABC News, George Will agrees with Reid, stating “I don’t think there’s a scintilla of racism in what Harry Reid said.  At long last, Harry Reid has said something that no one can disagree with, and he gets in trouble for it.”

Conservative Liz Chenez says ““One of the things that makes the American people frustrated is when they see time and time again liberals excusing racism from other liberals.  And I think that, you know, clearly, Senator Reid’s comments were outrageous.”

What do you think about Senator Harry Reid’s comments? Do you think that Harry Reid is a racist?


ABC News

    7 Responses to “Harry Reid Racist Comments Are Creating a Controversy in Washington”

    1. katy says:

      I do not think Harry Reid meant to be racist perse’ when he made those comments, but they sure would be taken that way if said by a Republican. I do think Harry Reid pointed out something that is racist, and is true, but never mentioned and that is the fact that President Obama has no “negro dialect, except when he wants it”. Listen to the President when he speaks to a predominately black crowd vs when he speaks to a predominately white crowd, the differencce in dialect is amazing and offensive. Be who you are, always, indifferent to the audience, after all you don’t add a southern drawl in Mississippi

    2. America Stewart says:

      Hillary Clinton also has dialect of conveinience. It’s not that uncommon, but is certainly clear on the campaign trail when separate appearances get back to back coverage. (She lived in a fake accent as governor’s wife, apparently, since it quickly disappeared on the national stage).

    3. Annette says:

      Yes,Harry Reid as well as other Democrats are racist and used President Obama because they knew he was the only man from both parties that was electable. Just my opinion

    4. Joey says:

      They should create a conflict. HARY is NO THREAT to stop the attempted NEGTO takeover of Washington. Oh it is O.K say NEGRO isn’t it? It is for HARY the wimp to say it.

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